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4 thoughts on “I want to go raw but my family won’t support me

    • shondamob 123: It has been a while, and I was so SAD to find out that they split up (Paul has children). I was just as saddened to find out about John Kohler’s breakup (if you don’t already follow him, you should subscribe to his channel.). John is a wealth of information. OTHER CHANNELS YOU MAY ENJOY: HAPPY HEALTHY VEGAN, & SHINE WITH PLANTS. 🙂 Good luck! 🌱

  1. It’s REALLY unfortunate when people in one’s milieu DO NOT support his/her RAW VEGAN LIFESTYLE (especially if your stuck in the same house with them). My advice would be to SATURATE ONESELF WITH INFORMATION ON THE TOPIC: For example, books, videos, articles, subscriptions to newsletters & various online channels. Also, there are always individuals in your environment that are enjoying the RAW FOOD LIFESTYLE (at the gym, in a yoga class, a coworker etc.). Then you can share recipes, ideas, and the lifestyle with these people. Seek them out. It’s a form of support. Good luck! Thanks for raising awareness Paul! 🌱🙂

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