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Below is a question I got about Inflammatory Bowel Disease. More people contact me about this illness than any other. I have personally suffered and overcome IBD and have learned what helps most people dealing with an inflammatory attack and the best diet to recover.

What are the main foods that someone with IBD in a flare should eat/avoid?


18 thoughts on “IBD and diet

  1. I was just told I have ibd two months ago I have no idea what it is all I know is I get really swollen in the stomach and it hurts I found that when I can’t go I could do a salt water flush but what can I eat I would like to understand this diese better can u help me?

  2. What about hard boiled eggs?I make juice from kale,celery,apple,cucumber,carrot,lemon and ginger root daily.Sick of being hungry all the time.

  3. i am always in flare. but drinking water and eating vegetables make it worse because it causes me to go to the bathroom even more. i am a naturally thin person. i DO NOT have a food flare like a lot of others and none of the meds worked for me

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      i have heard of it but i am a rare case where i have no food trigger. it is not the skins on the fruit /veg. actually, they have tried triggers and i still was in flare. they have even tried a weekly fast where there was no food/drink and i still was in flare.

    • Hi, I know you left your comment quite a while ago but I wanted to reply in case you could still use the help. I also had periods that didn’t follow the typical flare/remission cycle. I was able to overcome Ulcerative Colitis and stay in “remission”. Feel free to message me if you’d like me to share some of my experience. Or check out my website. You may find it helpful.

  4. have any resources for bodybuilders? i have crohns and want to follow your example, but am trying to stay swole. its more than a vanity thing, I also have ankylosing spondylitis and the only way i have found to heal AS is by working out VERY strenuously 3 hours a day. so i need to eat a lot.

  5. I have been in a flare for 6 months. I have been bleeding everyday and i have been hospitalized for two weeks with 4 blood transfusions, iron infusions and potassium infusions. My doctors say i can eat what i want but I have found that if i eat rice, red meat, lettuce, or anything raw i am in severe pain. Also i have lost a lot of weight and now i am on steroids so i am gaining weight and i am going to start a biological medication however it is extremely expensive. I have heard that cabbage juice is very good have u found that this helps for the inflammation or any other ideas to help with the inflammation?

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