So many people today claim they love God, but their passion doesn't show it. What kind of offering do you make when you are before The Most High? Daniel & Sylvia Calderonministry is


7 thoughts on “If you believe in God, how come you don’t do this?

  1. the new testament(said by Jesus) says you are not supposed to call yourself a preist, rabbi, father, or teacher. These are religious titles and should not be used. There is a difference between the old and new testament. The old covenant was nailed to the cross with Jesus. This doesnt mean we shoudnt teach the old as it is the key to understanding the new

  2. Where are you all?…..I miss this type of Praise & worship!!! I lost my Messianic family
    When i started MY relationship with Father G-d, I was at a Methodist Church, and from the very start I wanted to take my shoes off and dance. i didn’t untill I was blessed with a mentor who also attended Messianic services. She taught me Davidic worship…Thank you And G_d Bless. Wonderful video!

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