“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
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Dr. Leonard Coldwell

If you have cancer or know someone who does you must get in touch with Dr. Coldwell. His website is


49 thoughts on “If you have cancer do this now by Dr. Leonard Coldwell

  1. Organics are the way. I would not do chemo or radiation under any circumstances. Detoxification, high alkaline diet, vitamin C injections and get on cannabis oil asap. God has already provided us with everything we need, use it or lose it…quite literally.

  2. did you know in the world of medicine from the day it started . not one chronic metabolic disease has ever been cured with medicine. it’s only ever been cured with nutrition..

  3. Question if I may. I have been diagnosed with Stage 4 Neuroendocrine Carcinoma which is Inoperable Double Lung Cancer. I would like to know what I can do to get rid of my Cancer?

    • Dr. Bursynski in Houston cures cancer and has the gov on his back,,,Hoaxley relatives are in mexico curing cancer,and the relatives of Dr.Gerson who cured cancer with a certain apple and carrot juice, and caffeine enemas to detox the liver. All of these folks are still in biz in mexico seek and ye shall find,,,look em up. And God will bless you.

    • Steve Vestel I’ve also read about Dr. Stanislaw Burzynsky, if that’s the correct spelling. Please seek him out if you’re in US. if outside then get in touch with doctors who are on similar paths of Natural treatments. the person above me has mentioned a few… it’s about changing your whole outlook on life. and your lifestyle to make it as close to nature as you possibly can. that includes cutting off everything negative from your life, from things and habits to people… wishing you well for your health.

  4. its strange how all these Doctors/alternative medicine and natural medicine practitioners are all called quacks and liars……….then they die under strange circumstances and their web pages get deleted. If these so called quacks were no threat they’d be left alone and still alive and simply ignored.

  5. I must share this. I had malignant tumor in breast 2001 and insulation cancer in ovary. 2 surgeries, chemo and radiation.
    Feb 2016 I felt tumor in right lower breast size of large pecan. within month it started throbbing and stinging. woke me at night. I looked up everything on internet
    . got some turmeric (not grocery store bought–must be from health sply, right mg/mcg or won’t work. websights have info about cancer killing turmeric. after 3 days. pain stopped. if I missed turmeric (I take capsule…pain came back. would just take capsule next day pain gone. NOW hear this….. I waited.. In july tumor had shrunk in half and still shrinking. I don’t know if malignant. I retired now no insurance. also, look up oregano oil. it kills cancer cells and is a natural antibiotic replacing pharmacy. also, look up Dr. hula Clark. parasites and p-die off cause cancer. cure with green walnut hull extract.
    check out binaural frequencies to correct all the microwave we are bombarded with constantly. spent many hours Chkng info.. this Dr is correct about diet
    thank u Dr C.

  6. Over half of the poor saps that take chemo do not die from cancer. They die from the chemo. Of all that take the chemo poison only 2.1% survives and survival is limited because the chemo creates new cancers

  7. (First of all: Chuck Norris deserves his “commercial accolades”….so – nice commercial.)

    Cancer is caused by “something of having too little”…not too much.

    Our bodies cannot fight: shitty foods, being underpaid, having no time to actually live, etc. in American society.

    People deserve God’s saving herbs and plants…..Marijuana is not a panacea….but it is part of the answer…for every single human. Every person should study what CBD’s are vs. THC…get educated….get pissed off…and write your given Congressman to educate their’ “dumb asses”.

  8. Just 8 weeks after my 30th birthday the doctors found 4 lumps in my breasts this week. I have a history of breast cancer in my family. I have an ultrasound later this week and will have a lumpectomy or biopsy scheduled. I have already decided I’m not going to do radiation or chemo. I’ve seen it kill people faster than the actual cancer and want no parts. My aunt had the same thing where she lost her left breast and radiation burned through her causing a lifetime of issues and COPD. I also was told even if its not cancerous they want to do radiation. I’m a vegan already but will say I did a raw diet for 2 weeks a year ago and had the most energy ever. It was difficult but considering my current situation I’m happy to go back to it. I think environmental toxins play a part as well… my skin, hair, weight where flourishing while living in the tropics of Australia but when moving back home to America I lost my hair, my skin was awful and my overall health declined. I’m back overseas now living in New Zealand which is where these lumps have been detected but I’ll return to America at the end of the year (maybe). The doctors asked me how I felt and the crazy thing is I feel great. I spin 7 times a week and go to the gym at least 5 times a day. I eat vegan 90% and 10% vegetarian (only bc being fully vegan is difficult with a nut allergy in this part of the world). I know my diet can be improved. Being vegan doesn’t necessarily mean eating the right things. I’m not sure where to go from here and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated it. Thanks for this video!!

    • Breast cancer is not hereditary. As with the majority of cancers breast cancer is viral in origin.

      If the lumps are cancerous then ozone therapy is a great choice as are antiviral herbs such as chaga mushrooms, dried and aged chaparral, andrographis etc.

      The herb suma is also great.

  9. i believe india corrupt system caused my cancer. i really believe that you are absolutely right. three shocks one after another. check john grosser anglo-indians world property owners group. thnx doc is right.

  10. I used to get sick alot as a kid and even after when you went to the doctor and got better, they would send you home with these pills to take at for like 2 more weeks. Then i would have to go back to the doctor because i got sick with the same thing. But this time when i got home and had to take all these pills, I simply threw them in the trash. And for about 2 years I havent gotten sick for anything😊😊😊 So in the end the pills make you sick over and over so that the medical industry keeps making money off of you…… ( oh and my mom would force me to take the pills but i wouldnt listen and just threw them away)

  11. BUNK! Some cancers are due to exposure to chemicals, radioactivity, some types of trauma, genetic inheritance of a faulty immune system and other factors outside of your control. Cancer is not a single disease. this is just simplistic BS.

  12. is he saying that a bad experience causes people to start making bad food choices? That makes sense. I dont believe that a traumatic experience can cause cancer.

  13. People should only do what they believe is best for them. If you have cancer and believe that chemo and radiation are a conspiracy, and you go to a faith healer, or drink hydrogen peroxide, or terpentine or inject vinegar instead – great. I would never try to change your mind. The more people that do that, the better it is for the gene pool, and it frees the space for others in the health care system, particularly in countries where it’s publically funded. So this guy definately performs a great public service.

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