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Allyn Rose Miss America contestant to undergo precautionary double mastectomy

Allyn Rose, Miss America Contestant, To Undergo Precautionary Double Mastectomy Allyn Rose, a 24-year-old Maryland native set to compete for the Miss America title next year, is planning to undergo a precautionary double mastectomy.

Rose explained that she made the hard decision to have both breasts removed at such a young age because of a genetic mutation in her family's DNA.

Saying that this predisposes females in her family to get breast cancer early in their lives, Allyn decided she would take a preventative measure.

Rose, of course, is not aware of the disturbing implications within the New England Journal of Medicine study, namely, that the women in her family that she believes all died from "inherited" breast cancer, may actually have died not from breast cancer, or breast cancer associated gene mutations, but from the breast cancer treatments themselves; that is to say, as a result of overdiagnosis and subsequent psychological trauma and physical mistreatment by a completely out-of-touch medical system relying on intrinsically carcinogenic diagnostic and treatment technologies to cut, burn and poison our lesions that would never have progressed to cancer, and may have simply regressed, had they been left undetected and undisturbed.

Nor is she aware that the so-called breast cancer genes, BRCA1/BRCA2, are relevant because they interfere with DNA repair mechanisms related to radiation and chemical exposure, implying that avoiding unnecessary radiation exposure, such as x-ray mammography, and chemicals such as have been found in many pinkwashed consumer products, e.g. KFC chicken (acrylamides) and Yoplait yogurt (rBGH), is of utmost important in reducing her risk of breast cancer.

Truth be told, even the widely attributed increased breast cancer mortality associated with BRCA1/2 (there are actually several thousands variations in these genes within the human population)1 may be a myth. A 2005 BMC Cancer article found that although BRCA positive patients have more frequently negative prognostic factors, their prognosis (actual risk for breast cancer associated mortality) appears to be equal to or better than in patients with BRCA-WT [the typical "non mutated" form found in the majority of the population. Other studies have emerged demonstrating that BRCA's supposed reaper-like hold on women's health is a myth. This is not an academic issue, since mastectomy rates have actually been increasing since 2004, no doubt due to the heightened anxiety over, and vast oversimplification of, BRCA-related risks.

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