23 thoughts on “Immersion AZ 2015 (1)

  1. Shabath shalum, achuth Leyah…that was beautiful.  Question, who is this song by and Is it possible that I may get it…shalum continue to enjoy your shabath.

    • +SharYah Yashar’Al Shabbat shalum and Praise Yahuah, tudah rabbah. This is one of the songs HE allowed me to write and sing. Email me and I can send to you.

  2. Wow……Shabbat Shalum sis. Just finished watching the Immersion videos… Awesome. The videos are professional and polished. I recently discovered your page/channel. I only had one artist “The Poattic” downloaded on my phone. I see now there are other artists (yourself included) singing songs of praise to Yahuah. Is it possible to email me your song? Keep up the good work achuty. All esteem to Alahym Yahuah!

  3. Shalom sis will they be doing immersions in AZ this year? if so what city and when? planning to move to As so this would be an awesome gift for my journey. Awesome video All Glory and Honor to YaH

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