"In My Heart" | Set Apart Is Your Name, Volume 1
Artist: Ron Kenoly

RonKenolyMinistries on Youtube:


Apologies for the Planets and Earth Model in the beginning of the video

A l e x C h e r n e y T e r r a s t r o Filming
Leyah Selah Editing for Video/Music

I own no rights to Music or Video Footage.
Simply sharing – Shalum – Enjoy

Set Apart Is Your Name, Volume 1
Available on iTunes and Amazon


32 thoughts on “In My Heart | Ron Kenoly | YAHUAH Music

  1. i love this song and this artist wow…this is my first time hearing praise music like this since i have been in the truth this is exactly what i have been looking for….praise the most high yah

    • Abyyahu Saphirrah Yahsharal can u prove to me it’s YAHUAH, an prove also that that’s it’s a made up name its spell that way but pronounce how u writing it. So please prove it hon

    • Jacquelyn Jenkins lady I don’t why u think it’s spell with a u but u must understand that the Hebrew language did not have vowels only a ok hon. And we got a voice audio from Yahweh how we must pronounce is name hon, be barrack kk

    • Jacquelyn Jenkins pointless speaking to u. Do u believe Yahweh stop communicating with man. People always trying to limit Yahweh Elohim, it’s not my fault he don’t speak with you or anyone els ask him how he would love His name to be pronounced before u just fallow what u hear people saying is name is He will answer u he is not a dummy that can’t talk

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