11 thoughts on “Indian Raw Food Restaurant in Chicago

  1. Chicago Shootings: 6 Killed, 13 Wounded Overnight Sunday; 36 Shot Over Weekend

    Posted: 06/16/2013 11:55 am EDT | Updated: 06/18/2013 9:50 am EDT

  2. It is great and healthy, but Nobody in India eats such food. Only spices are Indian in it I guess. Kale, broccoli etc are so foreign to India.

    Arya bhavan doesn’t mean Welcome to my home. It means House of Aryans (Civilized according to ancient indians )

  3. Aunti slang mar rhi thi zubaan fisal gyi bechari ki (delissious 😂😂😂😂)koi bat nhi aunti indian accent me hi baat krlo sabko samaj aaega

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