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To order the hothouse domes contact Paul at 561-283-1707. Today we have Cody back on the show and he talks about why Infrared Sauna's are not healthy and introduces us to the Infrared Domes that are an excellent way to stay healthy and get infrared on your body.


11 thoughts on “Infrared Sauna versus Infrared Domes #395

  1. Interesting you should mention this because I suspect it’s EMF’s from many conventional infrared saunas that are causing the problems mentioned in this video. The Hippocrates are very big on avoiding EMF’s as they have research that shows they mess up your blood cells, yet they never warn people that some saunas give off huge amounts of EMF. I’d be interesting to see the blood work from someone who is using a conventional Infrared sauna with EMF free heaters to see if it is equally as bad.

  2. A normal sauna only increases blood circulation and opening up of the pores to eliminate toxins. The photons that scatter from the crystals under the Far Infra-red is LIGHT, INFORMATION & HEAT. There is a huge difference in using Far Infra-red technology. There are many studies done on infar-red and infra-red and the differences it makes to healing. (Even in hospitals they use Far Infra-Red technology these days)

  3. I thought you had to sweat to detox. That is the purpose of the infrared saunas, to SWEAT out toxins.  I have one and use it three times a day and I feel GREAT. No adverse effects and it has helped me to heal. You just have to remember to hydrate when you are taking a sauna with fresh juice or water with some sea salt in it. The Swedish people have been using sweat therapy for years and it works great. There is nothing wrong with sweat. Ann Wigmore used to keep her healing center at 85 degrees so people would sweat. This was part of her healing therapy.

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