In this video I speak about the difference between intermittent fasting vs minimalist eating vs overeating.

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35 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting vs. Minimalist Eating

  1. I agree with you 100% we over consume food, & then wonder why we have a variety of health problems. The body is having to focus too much on digestion, which doesn’t allow it to do as efficiently other function such as destroying cancer cells etc.

    • “Some suffer from lack of money. Others suffer from an abundance of wealth.
      Some suffer from lack of food. Others suffer from an abundance of food.
      The quality of the suffering is different but the nature of the suffering is the same.”
      Swami Mahaprabhu,
      God’s Prophet on Earth

    • durianrider isn’t sick, it is wrong to say to over eat is wrong.
      eating a big portion of rice and through the days some fruits isn’t bad for you usually. probably people are not fully healthy do not handle this and that.
      even i (stomach) don’t like fruits so much. so i keep rice as my friend-s. 😉

  2. I hate to disagree with you on this but I have been practicing intermittent fasting for well over 8 months to GREAT success. I started with eating 2 meals in a 6 hour window. Then down to 2 meals in 4 hours. Now I eat a single meal per day. There really is no distinction between minimalist eating and intermittent fasting. Both systems use a reduction in food quantity and end with the same results.  I personally believe they are the same thing with a different name. I have found my body is the most happy when I eat a single meal a day. I may eventually go back to two meals a day. But for now, 1 a day is just fine.

    • +lewis mcdonnell I’m still doing one meal a day myself and at times when I have 2 meals, I feel quite crappy. I LOVE being productive all day long and then having my one meal and relaxing for the evening. My health is incredible. People think I look in my late 20’s or early 30’s and I’m 44 years young.

    • +Sherri Lynn brilliant! 🙂 happy to hear it’s going well for you.

      I’ve been playing around with raw vegan diet but I really don’t like the fact that there involves so much consumption and spending! I think I will be researching into the one meal a day diet but just curious as to what you pack into that meal?

  3. I’ve been eating one meal a day for 2 months. I fast for 23 hours. I was looking to cure something I had for 4 years and now it’s gone. Now I can’t even imagine having more than one meal. I’m thriving.

  4. The best way to make sure you follow a minimalist lifestyle is to retire and go on social security. After I read the labels there is practically No food I feel like eating.

  5. I choose to be a food minimalist. Eating only fruit. Mostly what’s in season, so it’s at its peak, and very economical on my budget. Other fruit I have is some frozen, which is 100% fruit, with no additives or preservatives. And I feel amazing, with heaps of energy. I am a shift worker, and I work out hard every day at the gym. I choose this lifestyle, as it suits me. As a raw vegan, I do this for my health, the animals, and the environment. And I believe that I am making a difference. Even if it’s just by being an example to my family, fellow staff and friends.

  6. I’ve found really informative videos on how intermittent fasting effects our bodies for good. It makes sense if we look at the way our ancestors lived, they only survived on what they harvested and hunted (those who ate meat). Harvesting and hunting takes time so I doubt they ate every day 3 times a day, they ate enough, they ate what they had, and still they were able to build their homes and travel, with what they had in their stomach,. The body is a beautiful machine, and Hashem gave it to us functionable.

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