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Today's guest is Harley, AKA Durian Rider. Harley, eats a high fruit raw food diet (80-10-10) and talks about why he feels it's the healthiest way to eat. We also talk about pitfalls on the raw food diet and many other great subjects. Harley is a raw food athlete, in great shape on an all raw diet. This interview is one hour and at the end Paul gives his opinion and comments about what Harley said.

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20 thoughts on “Interview with Raw Food athlete in Australia Durian Rider #444

  1. @arthurwoo
    For perspective, I was a typical fruitarian, then I started monoeating, then I added IM fasting (so just one mono meal a day), then I eliminated; high calorie, high glycemic index, non blood type compatitble, low water content fruit, which resulted in my diet consisting of cherries, blueberries, figs, plum, and kiwi. Cherries and blueberries were to small for me to chew each one down, fresh figs are rare in my area, and I just wasn’t a big fan of kiwi so now I’m a true monoeater.

  2. I’m not knocking fruit entirely, I’m knocking the 811 lifestyle which requires binge eating, frequent excretion, and binge sleeping. My advice: if you are going to eat high fruit be objective and selective about the types of fruits you eat. Personally I went low Gylcemic index for less of an insulin spikeandmade sure my fruit is in the 80% water content range so I stay hydrated without being overly hydrated and constantly peeing out excess water. Ultimately it is your life to live @arthurwoo.

  3. @CerebralPrince10 I dont mean to be rude or to start an endless discussion on youtube that is going to lead nowhere, but you dnt seem to get the point, i was comparing the individual sucess of the people on paul nisons diet with the 811 people. Obvious results. Besides, what kind of argument is that anyways? 1% of the american population is vegan, and who knows how many are raw vegan, so of course for every (raw) vegan athlete theres going to be 100 meat eating athletes! period.

  4. @KingOfKingz911
    To my knowledge, Paul doesn’t market and sell his dietary ideologies, so using your logic, “top athletes” wouldn’t be on a “paul nisons diet” seeing as paul nisson is the only person on it (while you can argue that there are athletes who eat each of the foods Paul eats)

    My point is: just because there are more athletes on 811 than those that follow Nisson, doesn”t mean you should call 811ers “top athletes” since they are not

  5. @CerebralPrince10 @CerebralPrince10 Wow, you are slamming durian riders diet because he takes 5 minutes longer than the fastest recorded person in history to run 5k’s? or some dude being 25 minutes off the marathon world record? anyone on any diet would be fucking stoked on such performances. remember, those are WORLD RECORDS, not par’s on a golf course.

  6. look I don’t know where you are from and the athletic calliber of the people there @ramayomama
    , but for 811 people to advocate a diet “ideal for athletic performance” and then walk the walk with performances that are so subpar on the world stage is ridiculous. Honestly I could slam durianriders diet left and right, but people are so brainwashed in insisting 811 is the way to go they can’t see the truth. I’m not against veganism or raw food, but 811 as it is presented is a joke of a diet

  7. @CerebralPrince10 I used to like DR, but then I realized that he is insane. This dude shoots himself up with synthetic B12 injections and doesn’t have the sense to know that synthetic anything is unhealthy.

  8. @brandonx19
    It is tough to stay sane as a drug addict (bananas). People don’t like to think of food as an addiction, but it is just like any other drug. Ever notice how 811 advocates eating the most cooked foodesque fruit (bananas and dates) in absurdly high amounts? 811 is really just replacing one bad lifestyle (SAD) with another one (diabetic, polyuric, toilet bound, half unconscious, food fixative, banana addict, internal flooding, etc)

  9. @CerebralPrince10 True words! Have you noticed that long term fruitarians look old? All that excess sugar ages a person. There are hundreds of different types of fruit. Why base a diet on two concentrated fruits like bananas and dates?

  10. @brandonx19
    811 uses bananas and dates because they most replicate the addictive nature of cooked foods (high GI, high cal, lower water content, etc). It is tough to educate people on the long term detriments of a diet when it is relatively new. There is now way Harley can stick with his lifestyle and hit 50 without doing irreversable damage. It is B12 now, then it is going to be insulin and/or sodium, then he’s gonna have to take drugs left and right (he’ll find a way to edify it though)

  11. @thedurianking THIS video wasn’t unedited, that’s what solargazing69 was talking about, the places Harley gets cut on the public version of the video are very Andrew Breitbart. I hear Fox News is hiring in their Vegan-bashing department 😉

  12. @jezzieBell05
    If you have low blood lipids and binge eat on sugar via bananas and dates you’ll be pissing and crapping like a diabetic, not my definition of healthy.

  13. Oh my D_g, read Wasteland: Journey Thru the American Cloaca by Frederick Kaufman in Harpers Magazine from Feb. 2009 re $#!* eating. It’s so interesting, edifying, fascinating. It starts off about a whole other kind of cauldera rising up under the US, then gets more interesting from there. Basically we’re too f’ed up about our $#!*. Should B kept organic & used as fertilizer (used 2 grow food 1ce it fully composts 2 soil), not petro chemically toxified & dumped in2 the ocean.

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