The greatest investment you can make is your health

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4 thoughts on “Invest In Your Health

    • Youngevity Basic 90 Pak . $60, 60 minerals, 16, vitamins, 12 amino acids, 2 essential fatty acids

      I reversed my Multiple sclerosis, Tinnitus, Alzheimer’s, Double Vision/ Macular Degeneration and I lost 60#

      We need the minerals or else we get sick.

      Lookk up Dr. Peter Glidden 12 bad foods VIDEO

      Do this and you’ll be healthier.

  1. I have recently considered getting rid of my microwave. It is not a healthy way to cook and takes a lot of energy to run. I have only ever used it to warm up leftover cooked food and coffee. It is not for much else. Thank you Paul.

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