Most people that water is neither alkaline nor acid; it should be right in the middle of the pH scale… but it’s not.

In fact, there are many kinds of water, and the kind you drink has a significant impact on your health. So, which water is good and which water should you avoid?

We’re going to talk to pharmacist Billy Wease about the dirty secrets behind clean water. And it’s going to give you… a health awakening.



4 thoughts on “Is Bottled Water Hurting Your Health? (Guest: Billy Wease) | THE HEALTH AWAKENING | Ep. 117

    • Baking soda will make the water alkaline. However, it will not create the micro-clustering effect for better toxin removal discussed on the show, nor will it make the water an antioxidant.

  1. And u really should let us know the names of the water that’s 7 or higher so we know what to buy in the store other wise it does us no good!

    • No bottled water tested was higher than 7. Your best bet is bottled water specifically labeled “alkaline water”. The water that tested 8.0 or higher on the show was alkaline water from a countertop machine.

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