This week's guest is raw food teacher, author and owner of the raw food healing retreat Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach, FL.

In this interview Brian Clement talks about a new
discover he has found about water and our health.
He also reveals why he is not a 100% raw vegan.
We also talk about healing IBD. chocolate, amount
of food, vegan diet, bee pollin, is doctors ever okay,
Healing IBD, Is surgery ever an option?

Of all the raw health teachers today, Brian has
the most experience of helping people heal with raw
foods. An excellent health teacher with great
wisdom about diet and health.


20 thoughts on “Is Brian Clement A 100% Raw Vegan?

    • Gieszkanne – Not 7 years ago. I would say he’s around 10 years younger then what he says? He hides his age across the internet and that’s only done for one reason.

  1. Only a 23 year old Turk would feel the need to belittle the looks of someone who has helped so many people. Let’s see what you look like at 70.

  2. The problem I see with Raw foodies is how Dr C. described food: “Food is Fuel. nothing more than that!” Food should be beautiful, tasty and nutritious. Consuming food can & should be partially a spiritual experience. Along with sex, it is one of the wonderful gifts of being human.
    Is sex just an act of reproduction?

  3. Why is this a problem? Its just a reductionist perspective: a gross generalization that fits a model describing something. It doesn’t discount the pleasures of eating food, it just don’t bother with describing it. When humans talk about some aspect of life that would be experienced in human perception we have to categorize the experience. In this case one choose the words to convey a certain message, thereby doing the best to omit a representation that would not sufficiently represent this view.

  4. He said “nothing but fuel” but it doesn’t mean that there is no pleasure. I’m not here to defend him but to defend the fact that part of that fuel is the pleasure of eating. His problem with chocolate is that he considers it like junk food, not very healthy.
    I believe you misinterpreted his statement. According to him chocolate is not unhealthy because it’s delicious but for it’s effects on the adrenals and other issues.
    I don’t necessarily agree with him. I do eat raw cacao quite often.

  5. I came here to watch this video because of the title “Is Brian Clement A 100% Raw Vegan”. Nowhere in this YouTube video does it discuss anything about that. If it is in the “full version”, then shame on you for not putting at least the information about the question of him being 100% vegan in this promotions video. Thumbs Down on this on Paul.

  6. One thing Brian Clement doesn’t tell you is that where he lives he has a very large organic chemical free sprouting green house which is properly maintained for ideal growing conditions. Thus he is able to eat large amounts of nutrient dense sprouted foods (prepared for him). You will look that good at his age to if you where able to drink a liter of cold pressed wheat grass juice a day whether you where raw vegan or on the ketogenic diet.

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