15 thoughts on “Is Cacao Healthy and Colon cleansing #230

  1. So true with bad info out here. If I had better info back in 1989 when I first tried this I would of been successful on a raw living diet.
    Had some chocolate the other day I felt intoxicated and had to come home and lay down. Guess that is what happens when you don’t have stimulants for a long time.

  2. I believe one should be cautious of ALL venues of information, as we have seen demonstrated thru professional Doctors that push pharma medications; and foodstuff & medications approved by the FDA. So even those with ‘credentials’ are not always speaking Truth or supporting what is healthy and safe.
    Each person has to discern what resonates and do the leg work of discovering what works. It is being responsible for yourself & your own health.

  3. I agree with him on the part of there being very few people one should trust. there is quite a bit of mis-information one should examine before believing it. however I don’t agree that only the top people in the raw food movement can be trusted or learned from. If that happened the movement would stagnate because if you take away freedom of speech, who is there to get people excited and going in the right direction in the first place??? I wouldn’t be here without Philip McClusky’s videos!

  4. The stuff he is spouting is the kind of stuff that kills the will of someone who truly just wants to help. It makes them feel like they aren’t qualified to help anyone. I know because this happened to me and it made me give up on my dreams of helping people. It took me months to undo the harm that interview did to me before I worked up the self confidence to just put myself out there so I could help. I’m sorry, I usually don’t leave negative comments, it’s just hurts to remember. T_T

  5. Like most, Charles has truth mixed with half truths mixed with a few… can I say it- downright “un-ttruths” or self-serving material. But most of what he says I do agree with. Natural doctors (I do not know Charles) are con artists however. At least medical doctors are good for trauma- we need them! All the “naturopaths” I met just jumped on the raw food bandwagon to push supplements. The bottom line is your body, it’s performance, odor, texture, strength, endurance, waistline, metal clarity.

  6. Charles – I am sure- means well, but let’s face it, one never needs a Phd, and it would actually be highly detrimental, if one wanted to truly be healthy. Unfortunately most of us are so brainwashed by “academentia” and are unwilling to let go the ego and truly follow nature that they need lots of guidance. I was no exception when I first “went vegan” in 1985 and then “went raw” in 1999. I struggled, but after a few years of personal experimentation and “letting go” I solved the mystery!

  7. He just reminded people that raw chocolate is no “wonder food” or “super food” as many tout it to be. It is a stimulant, not a health-promoting food like mangoes or kale!

  8. Give him credit. He is filling a gap. Most people who decide to go raw -and we should applaud them- have a very rough mental time. The Ejuva cleanse is great for a “raw beginner” who wants to at least partially clear the way for some healthy food to come!

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