What does the Bible say about divorce? Remarriage? Get ready to explore the scriptures as Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon clarify the instructions of God (YeHoVaH).

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34 thoughts on “Is Divorce a Sin? – Q&A with Michael Rood & Nehemia Gordon

    • +Living Proof If you read and learn Torah through the Spirit, you will understand Paul. Deuteronomy 13:1-5. If Paul really said snipping is wrong, then he is a liar because he snipped Timothy. Snipping of the heart must come first, then the physical snipping (circum.. stupid keyboard can’t spell for crap). The Torah is not “Levitical.” There are instructions and mitzvot and statutes for the Levites. I am not a Levite. So they don’t apply. Galatians is not Torah. It was a letter to the congregation of Galatia Turkey which there was sect called the Circ… sect. They said just like in Acts that unless you snip yourself, you cannot be saved. That is heretical. Getting sniped after salvation is fine. Read the whole letter and do research on the context. You can’t assume. Context is key. So many Christians grossly distort Paul. Also James. He was speaking metaphorically. If you break one mitzvah, you are guilty of that only. Not the whole Torah! How can I be guilty of not properly handling Showbread? I am not a kohen. Some people take things literally when it is not literal. Is Yeshua really a wooden door? No. James (Jacob) said faith without works is dead. Romans 6. 1 John 3:4.

    • +Pm Marston Catholics use the ‘Faith without works is dead’, I found the perfect scripture to debunk their view of works, John 6:28-29.
      I am circumcised, happened when I was a baby, but I don’t rely on that OT covenant.
      I’ve heard the idea that certain NT books were written only for certain peoples at a specific time, I don’t go by this view. I will keep an open mind on it, but to me it doesn’t make sense.

    • +Living Proof I am not Catholic. I don’t rely on works. Do you not understand what the Jewish apostle Jacob (James) works comes after salvation. Obedience to Torah shows that I have faith in Yeshua. Simple. Catholics are pagans. Don’t get me started with that. I am anti Catholic.

    • Catholics believe that Mary which is actually Miriam who was a true Messianic Jewish woman is the “queen of heaven.” That term comes from Babylon which is mentioned in the Tanakh. OT is pagan terminology. Tanakh is Hebrew. They believe that you must rely on Venus…I mean Mary who interceded for you. They can’t even read the Jewish scriptures (NT). It says Yeshua is our mediator. Also, they have a works based system. Completely gentile. The Bible was not written by gentiles who were not chosen by the Almighty. A gentile can be grafted in by believing in Yeshua. Then they are to obey Torah like everyone does. The 7 noahide laws is rabbinic and heretical.

    • +Living Proof
      You are so right, brother! Modern Christians today just completely take everything Shaul and the other apostles wrote out of context. They even removed Elohim’s name from the Brit Hahadasha (New Covenant) and elevate the Son above the Father. What blasphemy! Well, you know what? I have message from the Almighty for them – it reads: “I am the Aleph and the Tav,” says YHVH Elohim, “the One who is, who was, and who is coming, the Almighty!” (Revelation 1:8)

  1. Jesus, the person who taught us how to really live the Torah, he said to only divorce through the crime of sexual immorality. Anyone who divorces without the crime of sexual immorality commits adultery. And anyone who marries a divorced woman commits adultery. Simple.

    • +ARoodAwakening I attempt to put Yeshua’s words into context in this matter in the Chronological Gospels. This is the most emotionally charged issue in life. There will never be agreement among believers. Most Christians need to judge others in order to feel superior. I was asking Nehemia a question about the Torah. The last 30 seconds is the only issue I was posing. There are a thousand more questions on the issue that are posed every day in the course of love, marriage, and family. Work out your OWN wholeness with fear and trembling.

  2. Michael has enabled comments again. That’s good. I am still confused because Yeshua said you cannot divorcee except adultery and hardness of heart. I believe divorce is wrong and sin. I was taught divorce is evil and damnable. But that is Churchianity. It is ironic how Churchianity is against divorce and against Torah. Makes no sense. If Michael can help me here, that would be great.

    • I asked a question concerning the Torah definition. Opinions are subjective. Comments are usually disabled because of abusive fools. Most comments have to be deleted. It is a waste of time to do so.

      Since you have conclusively determined divorce to be sin, what punishment are you going to inflict upon the violators of your law on judgment day?

    • +Pm Marston Beautiful! Most people will not read or even think to challenge what they think they know as fact. They will die with three wise men at the manger before they ever read the account… You are an example to everyone.

  3. WHAT CONSTITUTES DIVORCE, MICHAEL & NEHEMIAH?…what about a man & wife who are living in the same house, but, not in the same bed for years…if the wife has locked the husband out of the bedroom, for whatever reason she chooses?…would like to hear your revelation on this issue…;…does this constitute a ‘broken covenant’?)L.

  4. Why is the woman only one to be defiled? First husband found something wrong, what was it? Was he a virgin in the first place? Why would first husband want her back if something was not right in the first place? hummm….Why is it the woman always having to prove herself (virgin) to a man and he does not prove himself to her?
    Many a woman have found herself married to a jerk, with dad n mom blessings cause they picked him! or for money like cattle…

  5. I agree with Patrick Petty here, there is however another allowance if the relationship becomes dangerous or violent this is also grounds for divorce, but the persons cannot remarry unless one of them commits the crime of adultery. Which is a very sad and hard situation this is however why when someone is getting married they must think seriously before doing so with both eyes open.

    • Interesting thought, but as with most issues of marriage, that issue is absent from the Torah. I am asking just ONE question here, and most posts have been deleted because they were posted by abusive self-righteous judgmental Sunday school graduates.

    • My Paternal grandmother was a Sunday school teacher for the salvationists and thought she had learned all there was,she was a tough nut but a kind soul, in time she learned even when it comes to theology we never stop learning😉.

  6. I wish this segment could have been longer. I was hoping to hear Michael and Nehemiah hit on what Yeshua said about divorce, and how it corresponds to what Hillel and Shammai were teaching.

    • That is why I spend two pages of the Chronological Gospels on the subject, in context. Unfortunately, most Americans cannot read and I am wasting my time.

    • Thank you for responding. My brother recently bought me a copy of the Chronological Gospels, but I have not gotten that far yet. I have been reading through the intro, making sure I dont miss anything. I did however enjoy this Q&A session with Nehemiah. I know you only have so much time. Keep these coming!

    • No, Jews are not supposed to have beards. It is a misconception.

      Leviticus 19:27-28, Leviticus 21:4-5, and Deuteronomy 14:1-2 prohibit 4 different acts of mourning. These are:1) Making a bald spot on the head as an act of mourning2) Shaving the beard as an act of mourning3) Cutting the skin as an act of mourning4) Writing on the skin as an act of mourning

  7. This is interesting because I think people believe divorce is a sin because it says God hates divorce (unless thats a translation error). So if God hates divorce, wouldn’t it be a sin?

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