What does the Bible say about divorce? Remarriage? Get ready to explore the scriptures as Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon clarify the instructions of God (YeHoVaH).

Later… How do you get three days and three nights between Good Friday and Easter Sunday? Learn how to count to three as Michael delivers his teaching, The Jonah Code.

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24 thoughts on “Is Divorce a Sin? (with Michael Rood and Nehemia Gordon) – Shabbat Night Live – August 5, 2016

  1. I proudly support aroodawakening.com For I am a guardian of the the Aviv. Love all of the staff of a Roof Awakening. A special thanks to Angie do you still have that turtle shell?

    • No problem, I came through the studio today to say farewell. I am returning back to my home in Pa. but to be with my family. It has been a pleasure to finally meet you and the staff. I will continue to study and to be a supporter of A Rood Awakening. Love you guys! Please do not be a stranger my home address is 206 Ruscombe ave. Glenside Pa. 19038 phone# 267 625 4052 Keep me in prayer as I will the same

  2. We know that the people of Israel were given permission from Pharaoh to travel into the desert to make sacrifices to God. I wonder how it went unnoticed by Pharaoh that the mixed multitudes also went who presumably did not share that belief. My wife says they were probably not slaves and could come and go as they pleased. Also, I have a question for Nehemia. What does he think of Paul’s claim to be a Pharisee of Pharisees? Does he believe that Paul writings reflect that level of training and intellect? Im a strong believer but I also have questions which I think are legitimate. Unfortunately most think the only way to believe is to gloss over obvious issues so as to not shake the faith of those less firm. Well there is some truth to that, so I try to only discuss such things among solid believers.

    • +ARoodAwakening We don’t need to ask Nehemia. Shall is speaking of his upbringing and education. He understands the fictional “oral torah” . Nehemia was likewise raised with the “oral torah” and was led out of rabbinic Babylon by the Holy Spirit – that is why his insights are so superior over the Christian Gentiles who get all defensive of the Takanot (that Yeshua said “do not obey”). Shaul was a master of the Torah – those who translated him were somewhat clueless. MJR

    • Michael have you ever considered doing a teaching on the book of Galatians? I would be very interested to know your thoughts on this book. There so much in it I have questions for you about. What do you think of Paul saying that the story of the birth of Issac and Ismael is an allegory with Ismael representing those who were placed in bondage by receiving the law at Mt Sinai? I have been so inspired by your accounts of this event as a great glorious moment. I see the law as freedom from the bondage that was Babylon and all its sins. Would God bring them out of bondage only to put them back in bondage. I cant reconcile Paul’s view or his comparison of those that were part of that covenant are as the sons of Ismael who are the Muslims? I can hardly imagine any comparison more problematic.

  3. Every honest Hebrew knows that there is no difference between
    the Name Jesus And Yeshua.
    John 19:20 …And it was written in Hebrewe, and Greeke, and Latine.

    An Altar of earth thou shalt make vnto me, and shalt sacrifice thereon thy burnt offerings, and thy peace offerings, thy sheepe, and thine oxen:
    In all places where I RECORD MY NAME, I will come vnto thee, and I will blesse thee.
    Exodus 20:24

  4. I love and appreciate everything that Father says through A Rood Awakening. What I am not fond of is the full sized picture within a picture….with a moving background, blurred and simultaneously playing. Completely distracting.

    • I asked an educated Hebrew scholar what the Torah says. What you believe is not in question. You can believe the earth is flat – or the sun is square – I have asked only one question. If you want to make holding hands before marriage a sin – then you might want to go to church where I grew up.

    • I agree. His interpretation doesn’t make sense within the context of the verse. Then Rood dodges the Messiah’s words on the subject. *Moses* regulated divorce because of the hardness of their hearts, that doesn’t mean *YHWH* approved of divorce. Are you even living Torah if you are hard hearted??

      Let no man try to put asunder what has been joined before YHWH. Two people become one in marriage, that is YHWH’s design. That is not simply negated by some piece of paper by *man*. But people want to be able to do what they want to do unrestrained, not caring about the vow they violate via divorce.

      Ladies, be certain your future husband doesn’t share views like this. Find a man that will honor both you and Yah when he makes that covenant with you.

      • Although I am a proud “mainstreamer”, I wholeheartedly agree with this woman. Yah is NOT happy with divorce except for the stated reasons in Scripture. (Adultery, and of course if there is abuse) My husband follows Rood, and he is divorcing me just because he “wants to”. No other reason. He and I do have differences in our religions but he cites Michael Rood as condoning his decision (although I doubt Michael R even knows my husband!) Thanks…

    • +Sandy N
      Bingo! Jehovah (YHWH) created a man and his wife to become one flesh when united in marriage. He didn’t propose divorce, and in the New Covenant – the true Torah Rabbi, Jesus (Yeshua), already told us how to handle divorce. Therefore, the so-called “Messianic” is dead wrong, and he should probably stop consulting an anti-Christ (Or anti-Messiah) for advice… Jehovah bless you, brother!

  5. Shalom, The truth changes your life, thank you Michael Rood and Crew. What’s happening with the Chronological Gospels wednesday night Bible study ?

    • Hello Ste, thank you for you comment. Wednesday Night Bible study is on hold for the rest of the summer. We will update you once fall arrives. We have some new things in the works.

  6. A Rood Awakening has been such an inspiration to my life. I have learned so much in such little time. More than I have sitting in any church service. I have about has it with the lies and being fed milk. Here there is no compromise to just feed your emotions. I need meat of the scriptures and mean true gospel that I May Shema and grow

  7. I heard it explained once by our former pastor (who is Jewish, by the way) that the Jews considered any part of a day to be a whole day, and that’s the explanation given for three days and three nights between Friday and Sunday. Is there any truth to this? The “Jonah Code” makes much more sense: three days and three nights means exactly that. According to John 19:31, there was another Sabbath during the week that Yeshua was crucified (a “special Sabbath”, a “high day”, depending on which translation you read). And furthermore, those who do not accept the reliability of Scripture will point to this curious explanation of the three days and three nights to undermine the veracity of Scripture.

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