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26 thoughts on “Is eating only meat for 30 days healthy?

    • I have crohns.. But even when I’m not flaring up i go more than most do.,tmi. But i think this is essential to health.. Your body needs to get rid of toxins and digest what you put in it. Society makes it seem shameful if you go more than once or twice a day but this isnt the norm for many healthy people out there! I hate how people poo shame others ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Veggie Vicky
      My plant based diet allows me to stay clean! I go three times per day ๐Ÿ˜„
      When i eat chicken every once in a while – and only a little – I am slowed down for about 24hrs.

    • Yea cuz for a change u would absorb raw meat rather than to go 20-30 minutes to toilet after every meal as u do as a Vegan… Ur body loves the plant foods soo much that it needs to get rid of almsot all of it in 20-30 minutes after a meal? What kind od diet is that? *Aajonous Wanderplanetz* clearly showed that people who go on a RAW Primal/Carnivore diet have no issue with constipation and that the reason why u go less to poop its because ur body absorbed it all. BUT ONLY IF U EAT *RAW ANIMAL FOODS* NOT THE *COOCKED ONCE*

    • +poolahpot Yea cuz ur eating *COOCKED CHICKEN* Not a *RAW MEAT* as Aajonous Wanderplanetz was suggeating. And ur not clean cuz ur going 3 times a day UR SEVERLY CONSTIPATED cuz ur body likes plant based diet soo much that it need to get rid of it 20-30 minutes after each meal… Try some raw liver and tell me that God made u as herbivore!

  1. I can’t find real salmon. All the places I go sell farm fish salmon and lie and say it’s from Alaska and when you look at it has brown skin and dye color orange not fresh water. Lot of restaurants killing customers with farm fish too.

  2. I agree with everything you said 100%. Longterm it is going to cause disease. There is a you tube channel called sea siren Jane and she is on the carnivore diet and she went from a vegan diet(10 years) to all meat and says it has healed her arthritis limp she had ect. But, everything you said is what I have always learned about meat and how our bodies have to work so hard at digesting it and we receive very little nutrients ect. Thank you for the video! I like you shirt too!:-)

  3. I truly think for 30 days.. They WOULD feel amazing! Temporarily. For a few months.. Then get very tired and deprived of essential vitamins other than omegas and b’s. I think they would feel almost a cocaine effect from the steroids in the meat and all the b vitamins. So yes.. What a great quick scam to make money off! But.. Very selfish and dangerous!

    • +Meateor Man well.. vitamim C to start with. Flavanoids.. Antioxidants. Cyanidin..also an anti oxidant. Fiber. Beta glucan. And starch.. Probably more but I am not one of those freak vegans whose going to research it and convince you to change your life that is your own. ๐Ÿ˜‚

    • +Meateor Man i think if we actually still lived in the hunting our own meat days we could probably still have meat in our diets in a healthy way. It truly does hold so many nutrients vegans have to take in pill form.. But the things they do to meat now and non organic fruits and veggies is just crazy! I dont eat meat just because it freaks me ouuuttt I can literally hear the moo if i bite in haha. I’m not gonna hate on anyone if they eat it.. Just.. The world is a crappy place anymore so i dont trust anything but organic fruits and veggies.

  4. We all need to be on a whole food diet. The most natural form of every food source. Food as God commanded. First from the tree and then from the animal.

    All the keto and carnivore people are surviving on pork and slime fish because it’s cheaper. I dont take diet advice from anyone who is not a professing follower of Yeshua.

    Yah gave man clean animals for food, so I dont know about saying we are bot meant to eat meat. God explicitly gave us meat after the flood and never put a time limit on it (besides in new Jerusalem). Moderation within God’s will, I say.

    Thanks for taking the time, sir. Yah bless

  5. Yeah Paul. I know a young girl who was vegan for about 3 – 4 years, did well on that, went fully raw for another few years , high fruit and had success but also some challenges, then she went ketogenic diet, quite a change, meat for about a month or so and initially found merits for her however just heard from her yesterday and she found things were not working out to put it mildly and now back on vegan diet with the idea to include more soaked nuts and seeds etc than before. You will likely know her.

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