19 thoughts on “Is Mothers day in the Bible? Should we be celebrating it?

  1. Wait correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the commandments say to honor your father and mother? Can’t really think about a better way to do that but by mother’s day

    • Okay, since you asked. You are wrong.
      Shouldn’t you honor your mother everyday? So why do you need to be told to participate in commercialism and Babylon on this day?
      What about next week?
      Will it be another 365 days before you honor her again?
      Hey I know, watch the video….

  2. Thank you paul. My daughter came with baby, flowers and beautiful card. They don’t know any different and I don’t blame them. They are commercial ized. There are no Torah yeshu a believer a here! All Christmas Easter fake phony stuff! Please, we need help. I am only one person and am cut off from life. My community hate me.

  3. 100% in agreement with you……I stopped all these calendar hellidays a few years back and never looked back…starting to learn about the 7 biblical feasts

  4. When my dad was alive, anytime he’d see a flower station set up on mother’s day, he’d call it a guilt station because you shouldn’t forget. My mom is special every day, and gets double today cuz it is her birthday. She was born on mother’s day and here we are again

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