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Our guest Norman WIllis talks about important subjects believers need to hear more about. In this video we talk about modesty, niddah, obedience and much more. Norman's website is


23 thoughts on “Is Nazarene Israel For You?

  1. im german. i have a beard for YHWH. funny to hear that the germans won.
    thx for uploading the interview. it´s always means a lot to me hear the brothers speaking about the truth.
    peace and love

  2. Aweosme video. I agree with EVERYTHING you talk about how we need to love each other and get back to TRUE worship of God. What the BIBLE teaches not what we THINK it teaches.

    • +Michael McCloud what about them, YHUH told Moshe Rabeinu that there is 1 torah for the natural yisraelite and 1 torah for the ger(stranger) torah is for EVERYONE as long as they come as yisrael..

    • Not at all bro torah = loving instructions = commandments

      If ur statement was correct yochanan the beloved would not have explained what is sin in this manner!!

      yochanan alef 3:4

      Everyone doing sin also does torahlessness, and sin is torahlessness.

      And after he told us what exactly was sin he them explain what is the only way to love YHUH

      Yochanan alef 5:3

      For this is the ahavah of יהוה, that we shomer His mitzvot, and His mitzvot are not heavy,

      As u can see the commandments can and needs to be kept by ANYONE that says the “know יהושע & יהוה HaMoshiach and if u say u know him but don’t walk like HIM, let’s see what the word says about that person

      Yochanan alef 2:2-3

      3 And by this we know that we know Him, if we Shomer His Mitzvot

      4 The one who says, “I know Him,” and does not shomer His Mitzvot, is a liar, and the Emet is not in him.

      And the last scripture I will pull out to emphasize the importance of emunah and works..

      Gilyanah / Revelations 14:12

      12 Here is the endurance of the set-apart ones, here are those shomer the mitzvot of יהוה and the belief of יהושע.

      I pray that YHUH gives u binah chochmah v’da’at/ knowledge wisdom and understanding when it come to guarding the commandments in the faith of the Moshiach יהושע

    • You are a Gentile convert,all Christians need to be converted.What is being taught in churches today is only about 5% truth.They have subtracted so much of what Yehovah wants for our lives,it’s an abomination.Watch Michael Rood videos

    • What if she doesnt want you back as in my case but im still sruck serving her and her other adulterous kids and i have no other wife. And please address polygamy and concubines and how YaH told David he would have given him more wives or houses in 2 Samuel 12. And yet every christian denomination says polygamy and concubines is sexual immorality which doesnt make sense since YaH cant give David or Abraham or Lamech or any of us men, more wives if it is sin.? Im at a loss with a broken family and i need my sex life to be pure and my househokd restored from brokeness and havent ever found a compatible, Hebrew minded long time saved and commited proverbs 31 woman of faith and love who wont leave nor forsake me and us. I would appreciate prayer on this vital issue in my life. Thank you.

  3. everbody now aday
    claim that’s he or she now
    the way of god , there is a huge question…..god should I show us the path to worship..???
    don’t search for god fom people.
    search for god in the books.

    I’m sure you’ll find him the creator.

  4. Practically everything Norman Willis says resonates with, and makes sense to me! Praise YHUH! He is so balanced!! For instance, regarding where one’s focus is to be,  he basically said that it is important to know and recognize the negative (what to steer clear of), while focusing on the positive (what to do and how to please our Father). So, in response to that brilliant advice, I’m going to practice here. Here goes: “Pork consumption is to be forsaken, and it’s disheartening to see many still eating it despite warnings from many sources. HOWEVER, it’s wonderful to see so many people choosing to forgo pork, and enjoying things such as chicken, beef, turkey, and the many non-pork bacons and sausages now on the market! Praise YHUH for all his blessings!” Wow, that felt good!!!!!!! Thanks Norman Willis!!! May Abba bless you always for your good works, teachings, compassion, and kindness! In Yahusha’s name 🙂

  5. Divorce God hate`s because you divorce your heart`s are harden .that`s why most people divorce there heart`s are harden…..

  6. Great discussion. I woyld like to know more on the significance physically of growing out a beard and body hair in general as well as if anyone knows the spiritual meaning of not cutting the corners of a beard bc everything our spiritual creator teaches is spiritual first and foremost which can also have physical applications.

    Also where can i learn more details on the 4 things listed in Acts 15 for gentiles to start off learning in the faith. ? Particularly more on idolatry, harlotry or unfaithfulness which i believe is a more accurate and more encompassing word that trandlates more details than sexual immorality which is only one of many ways to be unfaithful to Yah and strangled meats i heard has to do more with animal cruelty. And abstaining from blood covers not just ingesting it from any creature but also abstaining from shedding blood from killing people or aninals unnecessarily.

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