Today I ask Dr. Rick Dina who has been on a raw vegan diet for 26 years, if the raw vegan diet is proven in history.

Dr. Rick Dina has been vegan for 26 years eating 90% raw foods. His website is


14 thoughts on “Is The Raw Vegan Diet Proven In History To Work?

  1. Wonderful interview!  Thank you for posting this!  People need this informative information in order to make good decisions for their quality of life and the quality of life for all the people of the planet and our animal co-Species – Lots of raw vegetables and fruit are good for our health.  Over the last forty years – whether vegan, vegetarian  with raw and/or cooked  – or eating some grass fed meat – who take in a large percentage of vegetables and fruits as their diet foundation – and NO gluten, few non-gluten grains – do the best as far as losing and maintaining healthy weight, with their doctors’ permission going off diabetes and other medicines – and lowering the challenges and/or eliminating arthritis, high blood pressure, etc — the most important thing is getting this information out – which you are doing!  Thank you!

  2. If raw foodists need 5 times the amounts of expensive fruits & vegetables, is that then still ethical? There is a reason our ancestors turned to cooked carbohydrate sources. Perhaps our large brain and speedy evolution was not due to meat eating, but due to cooked food?
    Anyway, to pursue a spiritual goal, vision quest or chills, raw food may be good, but propagating it as way for everyone may be wrong.

    • if a large percentage of the planet became raw vegan? then more trees would have to be grown, trees probably give the highest yields per acre of all food systems, they take in carbon monoxide and produce oxygen, different climatic regions can grow different fruits to trade with others, we turned to eating starches cooked or otherwise because we had moved away from the tropics.

  3. * chilla (not chills).
    Perhaps, those that cultivated storable carbohydrate sources (wheat, maize, barley, tef, rice, and other grains) developed civilizations and those that cultivated tubers (less storable) did not progress past the village level? Exception: the Inkas – they learned how to freeze dry potatoes… just a theory. We don’t believe raw foodism is sufficient to dismantle western wrong way of living.

  4. According to Ben Fuchs its not possible to get vitamin A from raw veggies. According to Dr. Wallach there isn’t any people group on the planet on a vegan diet let alone a raw vegan diet and his theory is that the body is so weakened that he doesn’t believe it would be possible to go pas 1 generation. I think Dr. Dina makes some very poor comparisons about vegans being more healthy. When you compare people on the average American diet you could make any diet look good. The truth is health conscious people don’t get sick, they don’t get diabetes, cancer, obesity etc.. they are strong and healthy. My  mother and father are 80 and 90 and they are in quite good health, they still fly around the country and they aren’t what I would call health conscious at all. If I were to guess from what I know, I would have to say that a raw vegan diet will most certainly shorten your life.   

  5. So do you know over 90% of the world population would die on a raw vegan diet if we had no refrigeration. It could only be sustained in richer places that could truck it in or very rare tropical climates maybe.
    We could not of evolved on a raw plant based diet. Fruits and much of the greens are only around in the spring and summer.We would of needed the fat and protein if animals . So a raw plant based diet can not be natural.

    • Do you even know what you are talking about? Most people in the world live off a mostly vegetarian diet. The fat and protein in animal meat is what is killing most people 

    • Am I reading this properly?

      “Well we evolved that way why should we go against nature thus guy *IS* *AN* idiot those studied are whacked because sure people eat crap food like fe”

      What is “FE”?

  6. the three longest living societies on the planet today are the okinowans, the 7th day Adventists, and last is the Sardinians, they have the highest percentages of centenarians, they live about 12 years longer than the longest life expectancy in the west, dan beutner of the national geographic society points out a few things, it is their family and community that helps also, they eat MOSTLY a plant based diet, exercise by walking and working, their food is fresh from their gardens, check it out on ted x, it is called the blue zones by dan beutner.

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