Join Scott Laird as he chats with author, speaker, and musician Allan Aguirre. Tonight’s episode starts a refreshingly candid and easy-to-understand 4-episode interview series that answers common questions Christians ask about the Sabbath, the Feasts of the LORD, and the spiritual influence of music. Invite friends to watch this encouraging conversation from Shabbat Night Live!


7 thoughts on “Is the Sabbath for Christians? | FULL EPISODE

  1. Dangerous to say that people with tattoos or earings or certain hairstyle is not going to enter heaven, Biker people for example will associate easier with this guy then a normal pastor😂 Jesus doesn’t want us to not look after our bodies, Corn turned into POPCORN! yeah!

  2. Of all the commandments this is the one I don’t understand because how anybody could object to taking a day off just relaxing and sleeping is absolutely beyond me. If I could institute an 11th commandment it would be to add one more Sabbath day of rest. If anybody has doesn’t want their Sabbath day… I’ll take it.

  3. I have shared this on Twitter several time because so many want to know about the commandments the sabbath is such a huge one and people don’t understand it at all.

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