The model of the modern church was never meant to be this way!

Friday, March 24 at 8PM Eastern on Shabbat Night Live, Pastor David Robinson ‘turns the tables’ with questions for Michael Rood about the lies believed by most in the church world.

From chariot wheels on the Red Sea floor to water gushing from a rock, these are just some of the questions that will be answered. Truth or myth? You decide.

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One thought on “Is Your Church Doing It Wrong? | Shabbat Night Live with Michael Rood

  1. Extremely very few people who say they are believers in Yeshua and our Father Yodheyvavhey, know anything about the Holy Spirit. You can not know them unless you have the Holy Spirit period. Many, many “Christians ” will hear Yeshua say to them ” depart from me, I never knew you ” because they are ignorant of the Holy Spirit.

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