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I recently interviewed a health guru. I refer to him as ahealth guru because so many people today look to this man for nutritional advice. I didn't know much about him and the few things I did see of his made me take a second look. He seemed to of known what he was taking about. As I was interviewed I was quickly reminded of the phrase, don't judge a book by it's cover.

Not only did this person not truly understand about health, and I am not just talking about, oh I disagree with him, but they clearly were saying things that are incorrect and saying it with confidence.

So much confidence in fact that if a person didn't understand the subject they could easily be fooled. That is one of the major problems in the health world today. So many people are making claims and leading people down a dark path.

I don't claim to know it all. Maybe one reason I seem to know a lot is because I only talk about what I do know. I'm aware all it takes is for one other person to know the truth about health and I'd be exposed easily if I didn't understand a subject but appeared to do so. As for those who didn't understand the subject, I'd seem like I had much knowledge about it.

It's okay to disagree. Opinions about the best diet, how much of a certain food to eat, etc. are based on many different facts. But to make a claim that this way is best and no other way works? You'd better have some good facts and solid information because eventually you will be exposed.

I have to wonder how some people have gotten so well known with their foolish teachings but that answered the questions right there, foolish teaching to fool foolish people.

I can't air the interview I did with this person, it was that bad but I can tell everyone to hang in there. There are still some well trusted knowledgelable people out their. Some of them you can find at this page,

As your health watchman I will keep looking out for you.


20 thoughts on “Is Your Health Guru A Fraud?

  1. I eat a vegan diet but do have shoes that are made of leather so I guess that means I am a vegetarian? Actually if we use things like money or drive cars we can not logically call ourselves vegans.

  2. There are plenty of people out there which you speak of Mr. Nison who are spreading more poison than good. I must be vigilant: read, study, and go beyond what people say to me. Some of us go from popping pills to popping powders: maca, cocoa, etc., just substituting one addiction for another.

  3. yeah we need a new term really to avoid using an adjective – eg health vegan, ideological vegan, really incredibly annoying ram-it-down-your-throat-for-the-hell-of-it vegan etc etc I love leather and since I do not believe in buying new clothing I own rather a lot of it.

  4. I forgot to say earlier – if it is Harley that is being discussed – and it isnt at all clear that it is – I would like to see him concentrate on fitness – I think he is missing a trick in not focussing on that rather than taking risks on recommending a high fruit diet to raw foodies who may not be able to cope with any fructose at all – at least for a while – it is important to recognise people for their strengths as well as weaknesses

  5. a lot of health “experts” push certain foods (“this is my favorite, this is the greatest!!!”, THEY CLAim) every time something is on sale on their website… this turns off poor people like me… i read a lot of old health magazines/books and even back then SOME of it was just sales pitches.. it’s a livelihood..and no one has to really know too much to sell expensive packaged “health” snacks and supplements.. .you are a sincere/truthful watchman..and you know more than a lot of your guests

  6. My guess is the fellow is DW….charisma, money hungry and really clueless. Then again there are many clueless raw food leaders who live in fantasy land. The scarey thing is that these clueless raw leaders teach clueless followers to eat dangerous diets.

  7. A more obvious choice is probably DG, he travels the world and fills people’s heads with silly ideas. Very niave about diet and quite possibly not raw all the time. DW knows stuff but l feel the dark forces have got hold of him.

  8. If this health ‘expert’ is confident and audacious enough to be interviewed, there’s no reason not to show that footage. You’re a good, fair interviewer and this person would have been given an absolutely fair shot at showcasing their apparent expertise. You could end up helping alot of people by uploading this footage. There’s no need to protect someone who’s making a profit out of miseducating people.

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  10. There are a lot of raw food leaders that don’t know what they are talking about, most of them. They all promote eating store bought fruit and vegetables that aren’t even fresh. In this day and age we need all the electromagnetic vibration foods with an abundance of nutrition that we can get, but only people like Dr Clement talk about this. No wonder so many raw vegans struggle and don’t have the shine on their skin.

  11. Refreshing to hear in a field so permeated with ‘diet as religion’.
    My inkling is that as we progress in all things, so will we keep coming to greater understandings
    here. Individual experience always trumps philosophy, dogmatism and fixed concepts.
    Thanks for your vigilance.

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