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A candid conversation between Daniel Rendelman and Luther Chapman, both of Emet Ministries. Join this dialogue as the two talk about the feast days of Leviticus 23. Post your comments or questions.


2 thoughts on “It Starts With the Holy Days

  1. Shalom Alecheim Dani’El and Luther,

    I give hodu for the simplicity of YHWH’s message through you both to worship in Ruach & Emet wherever we are scattered in the nations. May YHWH bless and keep you as we all grow and mature until He gathers us together.

    Ahava & Blessings in Yahushua our Master,
    Ashira Ben Yochanan

  2. “Worship in spirit and truth” means “not in flesh & falsely”; which is to say not phisically but internally. Worship means to kneel; to kneel to יהוה in spirit means to bow to His will in your mind. As well, “keeping the Torah” means to guard it. To “keep it in spirit and truth” means to retain it in your mind, to guard it against falsity. Phisical experience is exactly the opposite of “in spirit and truth”. Yeshua was teaching the woman that the physical place where you worship is irrelevent.

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