37 thoughts on “It’s Better If A Man Does Not Marry?

  1. That ending was the end of ends. pastor dowell, hot damn, this vid was fire because everything you explained here with today’s relationship of men/women is accurate! I’m a single man myself and back then I use to try and find live and even was patient with it and both ways went south… to hell. so what I decided to do is just worry about me, help others that want to be help as much as I can and just continue to do good by the most high. the women of today’s society in america and generation are lost. I don’t want to say not all because that not all is becoming all and that statement gets tiring.

    as you said in the vid, no man can be controlled or manipulatated, because we do what we can to live our life the best we can without being controlled by ANYONE.

    damn great vid pastor,đź‘Ť

    • +PastorDowell Pastor I always keep my opinion for myself because my vision of the world is to dark. But on this topic I need to share it. I think that this women is right, because In my opinion the biggest gift you can do for your children in this world today is not to make them, I find nothing worth sharing or to less good things than bad things. If you don’t make children you don’t have to worry about them suffering, in this society with evil spreading everywhere. I just hope that the most high will forgive me not to fill the world with kids but in another way I think that it might be a test down in here, maybe life is about experiencing earth and come to conclude that for the good of children you should sacrifice your desire of childbearing for their own good.
      If this is the wrong way of thinking than I will be judged, but I will not be judged for having shared pain and suffering to innocents.
      Greetings from France.

  2. Great points Pastor. Paul was a wise brother. The marriage thing is too risky for me. 30yrs old, no kids, & no wife.. I see my co-workers getting $50-$30 checks due to child support/alimony, family members wasting thousands in family court fees, & my own brother struggling to keep his wife & 2 kids in order. They break up & get back together every other week & they’ve been married for 5yrs. When it comes to relationships & marriage, the risks are too high for me. My folks are amazingly still together going strong 30+ yrs. My father was & is still the head of his house. The part of me that desires that same traditional connection with a mate (man protecting & providing for his wife & kids) is on life support. I’d much rather spend my time in the art studio working on my craft than risk associating with ANY American female. If that traditional mindset comes back to life, I’ll be sure to get a passport.

    • +Lex Art You need to find a foreign born woman from the East, who knows her role and how to support her man. Most American women, especially BW have been absolutely wrekt by this culture.

    • +tekno mytekno I a have to warn you. The idea of a submissive eastern wife is a myth. Asia and the middle east are continuing to accept western culture.
      Lets say you do find an eastern woman that values marriage, family, and the home and you bring her back here. Can you trust that she is going to stay that way. Or will she see what the women in this country act like and get away with then change into another entitled monster.

  3. I’m a keep it real women in America especially black women can’t be trusted I’m not boasting but I can’t tell you how many married women try to get with me and luckily I follow the bible or I would be a major whoremonger but that just lets me know these hoes can’t be trusted.

  4. In Islam marriage is considered an act of charity by man. This is because he supported the woman financially. However, his spiritual guidance to the woman is where the real charity lies.

    The Jezebel spirit is loose in secular women and societies and it is spreading. Nothing will be the same. I avoid all women and am always suspicious. When I do engage them I always make a point to discuss religion. If they get a reminder of God I am happy. If they leave my presence because they do not want to deal with the conversation, I am exstatic.

  5. Pastor, I am a christian man, follow the bible and a MGTOW. Women dont want a good man anymore. So I will protect myself. Thank you for your support and word. Keep preachin, and pray for us single guys. Stayin a virgin here, and keeping the oil in my lamp.

  6. My girlfriend had $400 to spend. She was trying to decide to buy a BIGGER TV or a FIREARM. She currently has no firearms but knows how to shoot. She opted for the TV. Time to move on. She didn’t need a NEW TV, she has 2 already. She ONLY bought the TV because it was a 40 inch compared to the 32 inch she already had. Still owns zero firearms. I don’t watch much Tell Me Vision.

  7. What we’re facing is a war of attrition. They can kill us,where us down so we can kill ourselves, or just give up,so we can become biological dead-ends. Without getting their hands dirty.

  8. I am 55 and never been married. I have seen too much and women cant be trusted. Women are a burden and require constant work like a two year old kid. It is just not for me. They have killed all the desire I once had for them.

  9. Yep, men should not marry women and women should not marry men. We’ve been destroying each other left and right. Everything is backwards, pastor. People are now lovers of themselves and the trust, love, respect and honor is GONE. We as a nation, ISRAEL, is holding too much animosity against each other, man and woman. When the Father said we will be destroyed, oh did He mean it! My heart is sadden for our people. And we continue to promote separation and continue to speak death to the relationships between our woman and man and we don’t even recognize it. I’m a woman and I will not marry unless the Most High moves me AND that man. And I will need a heavy sign. I am sadden by what I see and hear from women or from men. It’s been too much hurt and too, too much programming and mind control. We won’t even be patient or understanding with each other as the Father has been patient with us. We won’t ask the Father regarding our relationship or choice of mate, oh but we can complain about one another. We can bash ALL black males and ALL black females. We are destroyed. Brings me to tears. Thank you FATHER for your coming salvation. Amen.

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