11 thoughts on “Jackfruit and Durian fruit in Las Vegas #317

  1. I love your spontaneous videos, Paul! Keep smiling and spreading the good word about natural eating. I love durian, but prefer the unfrozen ones, shipped in cold, but still not frozen. The taste is markedly more intense and sweeter. Enjoy your stay.

  2. i tried it for the first time recently and it was a little weird at first.

    great texture, slight onion/garlic flavor, caramel flavor.

    it gets better the more you eat it.

    i want more!

  3. Where is this restaurant I live right by here and I just descovered the frozen durian today after have not had in forever. I was craving it so badly.. I bought dragonfruit and jackfruit instead only because I didn’t have enough monwy on me.. but aren’t they so good. Anyhow! Please send which raw restaurant this is! Thanks!!

  4. I live in Las Vegas and that restaurant is called “Go Raw” and that was the eastside location on Windmill and Eastern Ave., in the Smith’s shopping center. I go there all the time!! LOL

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