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7 thoughts on “James 1

  1. You’re going to be starting at the book of Genesis ? only, IF THE LORD IS WILLING !!! And you’ll find this, in the book of James- that you should be talking like this- because in the book of James, he DOES say that(and it’s not ME who is saying this, but it is the LORD who says) all your such TALKING, is bragging when you do NOT say; ” IF, the LORD is willing.” “If the LORD is willing.” ” If the LORD Wills!” “If the LORD Will have it!” (“IF the LORD sees fit, we shall begin in Genesis .”) ” IF the LORD wills, we Will begin in Genesis.” “If the LORD is WILLING, we shall start all over in Genesis.” ” IF the ALMIGHTY causes it to be permissible, we shall begin reading soon in Genesis.” “IF our Holy FATHER WISHES to ALLOW it, next week,we shall begin reading chronologically.”
    I’ve said it before, so many different times on different sites and I’ve said it pretty nicely. You know, you can always PRETEND that some ( man) admonished you and exhorted you to be more perfect and closer to the ALMIGHTY and BLESSED by the LORD. If Thats what will help you to accept the exhortation. I wouldn’t mind.

    • Eliza Pellet My old eyes are getting weak, so, I appreciate Paul Nissan’s reading of the WORD. May the Praise and Honour be to HaShem.Thanks, Paul!

    • Jan Coffey , I too appreciate him– and if he is wise & if you are wise, you both would have realized how good , how loving & caring it IS to help my Brother. Remember , the enemy & the enemies slaves,tempts sheep to go astray, but sheep nudge orher sheep to get closer to rhe Shepherd.

    • Eliza Pellet
      August 17, 2017
      Ms Eliza Pellet, what or who do you think our Adonai Elohim Messiah Yeshua has given to HIS CHURCH to build-up, to encourage, and to admonish us by His Ruach HaKodesh’s revelations, prophecies, and enlightenments? As both Palms 68:18 and Ephesians 4:8 both say, “Therefore He says, ‘When He ascended on high, He led captivity captive, and gave gifts of men,’ NKJV.”

      As He ascended back to sit down at the right hand of His Father’s Magnificent Throne, Messiah Yeshua gave GIFTS OF MEN TO HIS CHURCH, exactly as He was to Israel, and all His holy Apostles’ were and their holy writings are to HIS CHURCH today! You, Eliza Pellet, have such a serious, divisive, dark, deep-seated root of bitterness in side of you, that if it weren’t for all our sinful flesh, it would be neary impossible to comprehend! So, as Messiah Yeshua’s Ruach HaKodesh has given halt in my spirit to do, I refuse to even cloud up my mind trying! You’re always, always spitting out your venom and nipping at people’s heels, and then you wonder why no one will receive and take your “so-called” teachings to heart! If it is at all possible, when for Heaven’s and our sakes are you going to, at least, try to learn how to walk by the SPIRIT of the law, instead of always by the LETTER of the law, as our Apostle Paul (who is both a man and a gift to Messiah Yeshua’s Church) admonished us to do in 2Corinthians 3:6? That is, if you even have the Ruach HaKodesh of Messiah Yeshua living in you! Again, Eliza Pellet, may Elohim, The Almighty, have mercy on your soul, and all those around you! WOW! IT’S AMAZING, AMAZING!


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