Today I interview the father of juicing, Jay Kordich. Jay has a new book, new site and new juicer. Jay is one of the most vital people in the history of the health movement and it was an honor for me to speak with him. Check out his new site at this is part 1 of 2


14 thoughts on “Jay Kordich – The Juice Daddy part 1 of 2

  1. @cupies JAY looks great and I’m sure you dont have any room to make that comment! Wait til you get to his age and lets see what you look like! try being positive for once

  2. Mentally he seems pretty good, actually very ‘alive’ and vibrant.. Though I don’t think he looks young imo. Other factors are important on how old one looks… too much sun ages your skin. =) A LOT.

  3. Hi Paul. On another subject. Did you here that Matt Monarch’s youtube channel was suspended and they wiped out all his videos. Children’s youtube videos use the “F” word all the time. Apparently swearing and drugs and violence and ludicrous behavior is fine but eating naturally and shearing goodness is a youtube sin. My concern is are you are next and Kevin G. and D. Wolfe and all the others that help people naturally? Paul, back up your videos now while you have the chance. Codex is coming.

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