Today I interview the father of juicing, Jay Kordich. Jay has a new book, new site and new juicer. Jay is one of the most vital people in the history of the health movement and it was an honor for me to speak with him. Check out his new site at this is part 2 of 2


8 thoughts on “Jay Kordich – The Juice Daddy part 2 of 2

  1. The Jim Carey video is the 2nd one down under related videos. Gotta love the skit.
    I have a Juice Daddy Jr. I travel with it is the best thing I found at Salvation Army a couple years ago.Only cost me $4
    Use it more than the Champion.
    Jay is fantastic and very approachable.
    Thanks for another great interview.

  2. @showmetexas I have spoken to hime since I have posted this comment. Both him and his wife are fantastic people

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