Yeshua (Jesus) said there would be just one sign of his authenticity, just one. His birth!

Discovered is the manuscript proof that Yeshua is the direct descendant of King David and legal heir to the throne. Now, with the ancient Hebrew Matthew, we have the genealogy as the direct descendant of David through the king line of Solomon, and finally, Yeshua is a legal heir to the throne of his great grandfather, David.

Join Michael Rood in Israel as you explore the Life and Teachings of Jesus – Yeshua of Nazareth.

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5 thoughts on “Jesus’ Lineage – The Chronological Gospels – Episode 6

  1. Wow… I am blown away! Wonderful, wonderful video! Great work… you have touched my heart. Your work truly authenticates our true Messiah Yeshua. Thank you

  2. This is awesome! I’ve been a Christian for 47 years and I seldom find a teaching I haven’t heard. You have shaken my world in a good way! I had to buy the book. I am hoping your other teachings will cover how this affects gentiles. How do we be sure we are properly following the Tora?

  3. Nice teaching indeed. God bless you Pastor Rood.
    Shabbath Shalom everyone. May the God of Israel bless us all in Yeshua Ha mashiach .
    Manila, Philippines

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