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We have a new guest on Shabbat Night Live–Shoreshim Ministry's Bill Cloud! Listen as he and Michael break down the differences between Hebrew Roots and Jewish Roots in their new Q&A series: The Basket of Deplorables.
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12 thoughts on “Jewish Roots vs. Hebrew Roots? – Q&A with Michael Rood & Bill Cloud

  1. Problem is like in today’s Egypt, the people and the name Egypt is not the original people name language or religion. This same issue confronts so called Isreal. This is a given by historical events. Many have been deceived. The Edomites trample the holy land like it is a gentile Khazarian prize. Devoid of spiritual and moral substance.

  2. Salvation is of the Jews.. of….that doesn’t mean every Jew is saved. in fact Christ said to Nicodemus do you not know that you must be born again to inherit the kingdom of God Jesus Christ is the door the mediator between us and God he says beware the livin of the Pharisees salvation through faith not works. If you are waiting for a certain time of day to pray you have greatly strayed. That is not loving God with all of your heart mind and strength. Pray because your love for God compels you to

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