Jim and Penny Caldwell Interview: The REAL Mt. Sinai (Part 2 of 3)

If you missed Hanukkah 2015, now's your chance to see Michael Rood's riveting, 3-part interview series with Jim and Penny Caldwell — the couple who discovered the REAL Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia!

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5 thoughts on “Jim & Penny Caldwell (Part 2 of 3) “The REAL Mount Sinai: The Evidence – Michael Rood

  1. I feel that the coincidence of finding and standing on top of the real Mt. Sinai on Jim’s birthday and also Dr. Moller’s Birthday being on the same day is a sign from YAHWEH THE GREAT I AM , CREATOR of the Universe and KING YAHSHUA MESSIAH that Jim and Dr. Moller were born for this. Also look at the fact that GOD gave Jim a wife and children who were rugged enough to handle being out there in a rugged terrrain , lot’s of women and little ones could not hold up to that kind of exploration, and GOD i believe gave Penny and Jim a strong will to keep going back as many times as they did. Praise YAHWEH THE GREAT I AM and KING YAHSHUA for sending this family to document this amazing find. And as lot’s of your interviewers are pointing out that GOD did this at the perfect time when HE want’s to save as many as HE can. YAHWEH please bless you all and Michael Rood and the other’s helping you get this knowledge out there , may YAHWEH please bless you all abudantly for this most important work.Thank you all so very much for doing YAHWEH’S will and bringing this to the world.

    • I am a witness that Yahushuwa works like an orchestra when he provides .. its like a song all in harmony. To me, that’s how Yahushuwa has been providing me with all the blessing.. like a song. One things happens and another matching situation occurs and then a 3rd a and a 4th.. you Know it is YHWH doing it.

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