Jim and Penny Caldwell Interview: The REAL Mt. Sinai (Part 3 of 3)

In this episode, it all comes together! Now's your chance to see the third part of a 3-part interview series with Jim and Penny Caldwell — the couple who discovered the REAL Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia!

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16 thoughts on “Jim & Penny Caldwell (Part 3 of 3) “The REAL Mount Sinai: The Verdict – Michael Rood

  1. I think rather than a menorah the symbol you see engraved on the front and back of the item
    is the paleo-hebrew symbol for the letter “Hey” which is a picture of a spiritual man with his arms raised to heaven. It means look, reveal, breath. It is just as likely to be made by early Hebrews. I think could be a picture of worship.

  2. God picks the most interesting people for His purposes! Certainly not the rich or the wise or the powerful. Just ordinary people … just like us. Awesome God we serve!

  3. You know what I saw for the 3 hash marks was the Shin (also spelled Šin (šīn) or Sheen) literally means “teeth”, “press”, and “sharp”. It could also mean that the country that the Almighty gave to Abraham will be taken by force… which the Bible says will happen. What say you about that?

    • These letters have been identified by experts in ancient languages. Their opinions are far more valid than my guesses or the innocent bystander.

  4. amazing. thank you for sharing this revelation. I noticed consistencies in the three marks. have you investigated authorship possibilities. as if to say a certain person left these. (carefull not to attach a name, to avoid lies that could be generated by such pursuits)

  5. Are you sure that is a symbol of a menorah on those small rocks? Looks to me to be the Hebrew symbol from the Otiot for H which is pronounced ‘Hey.” I could be wrong but a menorah has seven candle holders and the symbol on the rock only has three. The other symbol with a circle and line under it could be the Otiot for N or “nun’. Also used for the number 50. It also is used to represent a seed. Just a thought.

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