Jim and Penny Caldwell Interview: The REAL Mt. Sinai: The Journey Begins (Part 1 of 3)

If you missed Hanukkah 2015, now's your chance to see Michael Rood's riveting, 3-part interview series with Jim and Penny Caldwell — the couple who discovered the REAL Mt. Sinai in Saudi Arabia!

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17 thoughts on “Jim & Penny Caldwell (Part 1 of 3) “The REAL Mount Sinai; The Journey Begins – Michael Rood

  1. Has any one hurd of the documentary Exodus Decoded 2005? Some of the evidence in this is not in the documentary that is on this chanel. Exodus Decoded evidence is coming up with same theory as Pattern of Evidence and these people. So why can theses people not get together and line up their findings and put all the evidence step by step and present every expect of this event from beginning to end.

    • +tegf4 Hi tegf4, it is because their are certain evolutionist who don't want this evidence out there. I went to wikipedia the other day and typed in Ron Wyatt's name and could not believe the lies being spewed to discredit him. I even edited the wikipedia page and put the links to the verbal testamony of geologist about the Noah's ark find because they were saying that no acedemic credibility was ever given and they even cited William Shay an archeologist as never confirming this discovery, I wwent right to the video where Willtiam Shay states with his own mouth that he does not doubt that Ron's find in Turkey of Noah's Ark is Noah's Ark. Then after I edited it and even provided the videos with William Shay and a Geological organization where the geologist is saying about the readings on the device called SIR that located the black box on the bottom of the Patomac river of an air plane crash back in the 70's but he even said the geology under the boat shaped object is not natural type interface but a man made object. Well my post was erased with in 30 min. when i went back to see if it was still there. This told me they are really working to discredit Ron and these finds. But the more they do this the more I believ Ron Wyatt and the Caldwells and all of the people with testamony about these important archeolgocial finds. Wikipedia even went so low as to say that David Fasold was the person wtih Ron Wyatt to find JAbel al lawz and was arrested wtih him, when from the way i heard it directly from Ron Wyatt's Son's but also the news articles they showed from Tennesee said that it was Ron and his two son's . So anyway , i think that is why, they don't want their evolutionary theory all messed up with the proof that the Bible is our history and YAHWEH THE GREAT I AM is the CREATOR and KING of the Universe and KING YAHSHUA is MESSIAH. GOD bless. Just wanted to put my two cents in 🙂 i hope people watch all these testamony's and are able to see they are telling the truth. I am so thankful for all this tesamoney , for all these people that GOD, FATHER YAHWEH used in tandem to get these treatures out to the world so HE can save as many as HE can in this time leading up the the tribulation.

  2. I was just wondering about Jim’s statement about the vision he had about getting the Ark of the Covenant back to Jabel Al Lawz, just made me wonder if GOD will use the Caldwells to bring out the tablets of stone that Ron spoke of and to get the Ark of the Covenant back to it’s original home. As the Caldwells and Dr. Moller , and Michael Rood and the other two men that made the documentary Mountain of Fire and Ron Wyatt ,and his two son’s , you could just see how GOD, FATHER YAHWEH’S hand was working with all of them in tandem, they all played a roll in getting these out to the world. All amazing , exciting stories how GOD kept them all safe and used each of them to play a part or to do a part that the other’s could not , YAHWEH is so perfect, HE is awesome and this is so heart warming to be able to actually see the places the Bible is telling us about. I am so thankful to GOD for all of you and can’t wait to be able to get the Dvd’s , books and other resources to study.

  3. I lived in Saudi from 2012 to 2014 and flew over the mountain a few times. It looked much different than the rest of the area. I wanted to try and visit the area but could never get over that way. It wasn’t easy traveling around the country if you weren’t a Muslim. The Saudis aren’t as strict about the Bible as they used to be but you were not allowed to be reading it or have it out where any Muslims were. If you were alone or with other Christians it was OK. Same with the movies except Muslims were not allowed to watch them. Kind of funny because they had cable TV available and had access to all kinds of movies plus they had the internet too. Of course the Government did block a lot of web sites but You Tube is available.

    • +Eldon Taylor that false, movies are not haram or not allowed to watch, muslims are not the same as you thought, some are strict but others aren’t, I’m muslim, and I don’t mind to do what ever i want to do, because the god door of mercy always open.

    • lacoast212 the saudis keep even the internet protected and restricted, we know they dislike Christians you can’t build a church there. I’m not surprised movies are screened . they are not welcoming at all

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