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**This is a recorded phone conference I gave to a group of my friends on 4/14/11. If you are interested in getting involved with Beyond Organics, contact me via the contact page and I will send you more info.

Jordan Rubin, Author of The Maker's Diet has just launched a new food based company. If you are interested in healthy eating you have to listen to today's podcast.

It's a recent telephone conference about how you can join this fast growing company and secure good food for you and your family while making money and support ministries around the world.

***One correction, I mention Raw Milk and a question was how is it going to be transferred over State lines. Jordan has corrected me; they will offer no fresh milk, just cultured dairy called Amasai (12 week shelf life) and raw cheeses. The cheese is aged 60 days and we have a way to process the cultured dairy to meet regulation while maintaining quality, probiotics and enzymes.

A few other questions and information from this conference call answered below

How the water will be stored.
Water is being bottled in 100% bio-degradable plant based plastic.

How will they put up with supply demand?
We have a plan to grow our herd (which is already large at 2,500 head).

Beyond Organics by Jordan S. Rubin
When I tell people that I have recently fulfilled a dream of mine by creating a sustainable, "beyond organic" ranch/farm, most immediately jump to the same conclusion. "So, you plan to raise grass-fed beef and pastured chickens and eggs, and milk organic dairy cows, goats and sheep" they assume. While I'm a huge fan of consuming grass fed meat and dairy, and am extremely passionate about transforming the health of our nation and world, this project is about completing a journey I started 15 years ago—and it feels less like a choice and much more like a responsibility.


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