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This is Part 2 of my interview with New York Times Best Selling Author Jordan Rubin. I asked Jordan some great questions about supplements, the raw vegan diet and much more. This is one of the best interviews I ever did. I highly suggest viewing all 3 parts. This is part 1 of 3. For part 2 and 3 visit

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19 thoughts on “Jordan Rubin talks about a Raw Vegan Diet part 2 of 3

  1. Paul Rubin is great! never heard of him before. He looks a lot healthier than paul when you see them sitting together. no offense paul lol.

  2. So.. Jordan thinks that “the guy at the Viatrmix” will blow away? I have been raw vegan since 199 and vegan since 1985. And your comment about breaking into hives when you ate fruit? It happened to me 30 years ago too… but then I literally cleaned out my system by not eating animal foods… and eventually cooked foods. Now I can eat mostly fruit as my diet and.. guess what? I just build MORE muscle.

  3. If Paul worked out properly and wanted to gain some size he could, faster and healthier than if he were cooked. I’ve been raw ten years, vegan 25, and I know enough now how this works. I never would have believed it…-Chris, The Raw Vegan Myth (crusher)

  4. I agree with you a bit. However, they both seem a little toxic in different ways. Jordan appears to have plumped up with artificial hormones, but is hydrated nicely and Paul is heading to the acid side holding a need for hydration.

  5. some skinny raw foodists could outlive the bigger ones. Simply because of eating fewer calories. Fewer calories = longer life. I’ve been doing calorie restriction since i was 18 and now at almost 25 i still look 16 haha :p

  6. Paul will probably easily outlive the other guy, being big is simply NOT the answer to a long life. Being lean and eating healthy is the key to a longer life. check out my blog sometime on CR (my youtube profile has a link) and I have some good posts on it.

    By the way, I do CR but my diet is around 70% RAW . I eat around 1650k/cal – 1750k/cal a day.

  7. No, calories taken in determines maximum lifespan and this is true for all animals, and probably humans. I think it’s foolish to be believe in god, but thats my opinion 😉

    Don’t call me foolish.

  8. Yeah, because life is so already pre determined that raw foodists become rawfoodists to become healthier and live longer. Studies consistently show what you eat and how much you eat affects your ultimate lifespan. I’m not interested in anything but the science.

    And I have nothing again paul, I just said I think he’ll lead a longer and healthier life than the other guy! That was it!

  9. So not that Paul needs to be defended, I’m on Pauls side in saying that OUTSIDE appearance isn’t everything (as a reaction from some of the comments here).. Being big does not make you live longer or mean you’re healthier.

  10. i personally believe the best advice would be eating fresh fruit and vegetables hormone free meats, free range eggs, lots of water 6-8 glasses daily, Exercise daily, getting out in the sun after 2pm and taking a great liquid vitamin, probiotic and omega 3 supplement. I’d say from personal experince eniva vibe 2.0 is the greatest of the liquid vitamins, moxxor is meant to be an unbelievably good omega 3 supplement and primal defence is just about the best probiotic you can take..

  11. looking back at this he’s so right, even david wolfe quotes research that says if you eat a diet of 51% or over raw foods, your immune system doesnt treat food as an invader. Also lots of raw vegans say we eat too much protein but you dont see them complaining that they are eating too much vitamins ala carrots as an extremely potent source of vitamin a, chorella or spirilina which has an insane amount of beta carotene in it.

  12. @TheCrosswind I have no problem with fruit not providing more than enough energy to stimulate muscle and strength gain. In fact I do super intense deadlifts and squats not the typical “health club pump-artist” curls and leg curls and extensions, etc., either/ Are you sure you are detoxed? It takes a long time for you to “set up” your “carbeurtator” to utilize the superior nitro methane fuel we call fruit. I’ve been raw eleven years. Also, I never work out long, since I work out hard,

  13. Holla! Have you considered intellectus 424 diet (search on google)? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy lost tons of weight with it.

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  15. I agree with some points, but I must say that in my experience with changing over to a raw vegan diet, I have come across more very healthy raw vegans than unhealthy. Myself, in a 10 month period, I have already dropped almost 60 pounds, my indigestion has gone away, my vision has improved by 5 points, my migraines have decreased from almost every day to about once a month, my mood is lighter and happier, I have more energy, etc.

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