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Jewish Reggae! Hineh Ma Tov (Psalm 133) by Joshua Aaron from his new album "Every Tribe". Available on iTunes at: or visit . – LYRICS BELOW –
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Hineh ma tov u’ma’naim
Shevet achim gam yachad

Hineh ma tov
Hineh ma tov
Lai, lai, lai

It’s like precious oil flowing
Down the beard of Aharon
From the top of his head
To the edge of his robe
Hineh, hineh ma tov

It’s like the dew of Hermon descending
Upon the mountains of Zion
For there, the Lord commanded blessing
Life forever

Behold how good and how pleasant it is
For brothers to dwell together

Traditional, additional words and music by Joshua Aaron
This arr. and new words and music © 2016 Integrity’s Praise! Music/BMI (adm worldwide at, excluding the UK which is adm by Integrity Music, part of the David C Cook family)


30 thoughts on “Joshua Aaron – Hineh Ma Tov (Psalm 133) Lyric Video – הנה מה טוב

    • lishmah lishmah I praise the Living God for you in Jesus Name. Thank you for prayer and I will do likewise.When we pray for one another it is beautiful…we help each other . Our Eyes are open onto the New Kingdom.Yes His will be done in us. That’s why we thank him..Our Most High God for Our Saviour Lord Jesus Christ. Without him we have no hope what so ever. Our God is Faithful and he never lie…my love for him is never-ending..( I do believe you feel the same 😀) Amazing thing is when God shows you the enemies plans in your life and he delivers you out of all of them …to use us to do his will through us his people is a blessing , that he alone gets the glory and honour for our existence on earth. Not being in a establishment has taught me many many things. The one and one connection with the Father which is vital. In life you can be dependent on rely solely on the Great One is a spiritual Eye opener in itself. I love fellowship too. I plan to go back soon …but my will is to help all and not get stuck in a we are the living church on the move..the body of Christ. I do believe the Lord will direct my feet to where and when as he has done this before when I first acknowledged the Truth that Christ Jesus is the Way and Truth and Life.( I explained some of it to that Dee person 😂) Our lovely shepherd Lord Jesus Christ is Amaaaaazing!😘. Sis ..Peace in Christ Jesus to you and you loved ones. It’s a pleasure communicating with you a fellow soldier in Christ 😘 😃🌻🌼🌹
      btw I am a Sis😏..I have learnt the hard way. God shows me how our some of brothers are sleeping and caught up..not good..and those shepherds not feeding his sheep…not good too. They better wake up… seriously wake up!😥. I say use me God..I am very available always😘
      Seek he first the kingdom of God and All things will be added unto…I am now onto that unto bit 😀…I Praise God.

    • Truth Works. oh, dear dear dear Sis 🌹 🌼🌷💐🌸 From what you wrote I can understand you got an experience very (very) similar to mine! Gosh…. Really God never stops surprising me also in the internet “meetings”. Same story for me: many years “face to face” , “alone”, with my Saviour (without groups nor churches), and then, at the right time, quite suddenly: ok, now you stand up and go! He showed me WHERE. ///// and really … Gosh (I don’t know how to express it well in English) … I think the same, as you: too many sleeping men/boys in christianity, in our churches. That’s why (I think) we are looking for good examples like Joshua. In some way 2 millennia of christianity in Europe made us like it was “normal” routine. But it is not “normal”! It is wonderful, wonderful !! Jesus is wonderful. Our God is powerful ! Of course, Sis, like you, I love Him, I love Our Lord Jesus of a neverending Love. Maybe… this time, like 2 millennia ago… the renaissance will start again from women. With awaken men supporting us. Look Sis, I show you an american (catholic) video, only to underline the things we said on men/boys. (I am not advertising catholic church! As I said before: I love ALL brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless the different groups). SHALOM. (trying to understand if the link to the video works or not) 😂😂

    • Truth Works. I think my messages for you containing links to youtube are not visible. I had put here two links …. if you want to do yourself the research from google: 1) “Joshua Aaron, Hoshiana” where you can listen to the first verse of Psalm 27 !! It is a part of …your requests 😉 —– 2) “diocese of phoenix a call to battle”, it is about the crisis of masculinity in the christian society, and… a call to battle for men. Pax et bonum to everyone. Praise the Lord. Shalom 💙💚💛

    • Truth Works. For you and for Joshua. (if you like) Search for the video: “Frati di Assisi Canto dell’Exultet nella Veglia di Pasqua 2015” —-. If you want to listen to a very very ancient christian chant (from the very first centuries of christianity) , sung by a friar of Assisi (Italy, the city of Saint Francis). It is the announcement of the Resurrection of Our Lord in the solemn Mass (during the night between Shabbat and Yom Rishon) of catholic rite. (The Yom Rishon will be called Dominicum by latins, which means “Day of Our Lord” – infact in Italian “sunday” is not the “day of sun” like in English, but the Italian word is DOMENICA. The same for Saturday, in Italian it is not the “Day of saturn” . In Italian the word is SABATO, which means Shabbat. Here is the Latin “branch” of us brothers and sisters in Christ 😍 The conjunction ring between Jews and Gentiles in the western world, among the Nations. Oh, it would be wonderful a chant performed by Joshua and the Franciscan Friars, something in common, a conjuction ring in music and chants …. Ehm … Maybe I’m asking too much … Too early for the unity I would like to live immediately, today 😊 SHALOM 🌹💐🌼🌹💮

  1. One thought, for those of us learning Hebrew, seeing the translation of the transliteration and also the words in the Hebrew alefbet would be a bonus. Just saying. :^)

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