How to play, "Salvation is Your Name" by Joshua Aaron. Filmed along the Jordan River in Israel. LYRICS & CHORDS BELOW
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Place capo on 3rd fret
Verse 1 – Em G | Em G
There is a Name I call upon
There is a Name by which I am saved

Chorus – Em G/F# G | Em G/F# Gsus
Salvation is Your name
Salvation is Your name

Verse 2 – Em G | Em G
There is a Lamb who bore our sins
He bled and died so we could live

Bridge – Am7 Em D | Am7 Em D
At the name of Yeshua, one day every knee will bow
And every tongue will confess that He is Lord

Chorus 2 – Em G/F# G | Em G/F# Gsus
Yeshua (Jesus) is Your name
Yeshua (Jesus) is Your name

Tag – Em F#/G G | Em F#/G G
Yeshua (Jesus), Yeshua (Jesus)

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34 thoughts on “Joshua Aaron – Salvation Is Your Name (How To Play) Jordan River

  1. Joshua, I love your music! There were people across the river from you at 3:00 on the video. Are you in the area of the Jordan where one side is Israel and the other Jordan? I’ve been there for the Epiphany celebration (Baptism of Yeshua). There’s an Orthodox Christian church on the Jordan side and we all stood on the Israel side responding to the liturgy from the church that was on speaker. At the end the Priest came out and he threw a large cross into the water with a ribbon attached and people jumped in to get it from both sides! The Jordanian and Israeli soldiers had fun watching us Christians – hundreds of us – celebrating. May He continue to use you to bless others and glorify Him!

    • I respect Joshua. He isn’t the issue of our discusion. And about icons, sorry but the Bible is full about what are them. One of examples? Psalm 115. Sorry Melissa, and i apologize to Joshua who has nothing to do with our discusion. And worship or venerate……sorry. (saints? JESUS SAID:: ALL THE POWER WAS GIVEN TO ME IN THE HEAVEN AND ON THE EARTH! NO ONE COME TO THE FATHER BUT TROUGH ME; it is forbiden to worship or venerate even angels/ see The Apocalipse / haw can you even think that God alowd ti worship or venerate saints who were human beings? and i don’t venerate pictures of my loved passed away ones; i just remember them with love; ). And please, don’ t take me with a lack of respect for Joshua! It has nothing to do with what i wrote to you. Here i found it what you have written, here i wrote to you. Probably at the right time, God will iluminate you. If He want, if you want. Be blessed! And i mean it. I don’ t joke with the Bible. I am since oct 2015 , because a curse from my mother ( who cursed at birth, me and my twin sister who died just 2 month after) in a wheelchair . I realy try to not joke with was it is written in the Scripture. Sorry If i offended you. I wrote wat It is written in the Gospel ( and it is not about MY ORTHODOX FAMILY; what i wrote it is ABOUT ORTHODIXISM which now it isn’t ,,right” how probably it was at the beggining; leț me put you one more question: in how many churches is take place the act of commerce, sale-buy, and what did do and said Jesus at the Temple with / to those who were standing and saling things in the Temple yard?) Joshua has nothing to do with our discusion and GOD alowd to be spreaden His Word even via Internet .

    • Let it go, Mishka, ’cause I’m not going to answer anymore. You’re wrong about Orthodoxy and what I believe. You’ve no right to tell ME what I believe. I’m sure I’m older than you and have been a Christian longer. I know scripture and I wouldn’t be Orthodox if there was even a hint of heresy. Let it go and leave me alone!


  2. I hope if God want and help me having health and the necessary money, that some day, in this very life, to travel to Israel, to breed the air Yeshua has breed, to walk ( and i mean ,,walk” not ruling the wheels of the wheelchair) on the ground where He walked, to see the Jordan river and to say in every minute, Praise to you, Our Savior! Praise to you our souls and bodies supreme doctor! Shalom! Joshua, you mentioned something about an orthodox sinagogue. I hope that there aren’t inside of it, icons like in orthodoxes churches from Romania ( pictures of Jesus , saints, Mother Mary for worship in front of them)

    • Joshua Aaron You are a blessing!!
      keep on Praising THE KING OF KINGS YESHUA! with his real name.
      please do some piano tutorials of this song too PLEASE!! Peace be with you!💙💙

  3. Shalom, is Jordan drying out, all ponds are drying out here as well. Yeshua is coming soon:) Cannot wait for his return, Adonai Elohim bless you and your beautiful music:)<3

  4. his name is not salvation Joshua, come on. You know better. His name is ישוע not ישועה . Yeshua means G-D Saves , Yeshuaha means salvation. Fix the song 🙂 Yashar Koach on great music.

  5. Beatiful work Joshua, continue doing this. Yeshua means salvation and if not, why the jewish use it in their prayers as God’s salvation? Please Joshua make some videos in spanish, because here we have people that like your songs. YHWH is with you.

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