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8 thoughts on “Juicing! Word of the day.

  1. I drink at least 32 oz of veggie juices a day. I feel a sustained desire to live mostly on juices (perhaps because I live in a tropical area?). Juicing fruits I have to minimize, except perhaps lemon apple and carrot. Occasional pear when i can find it organic. Your juice with star fruit sounds amazing!

    Mr Nison You are a long time hero of mine and, even though I’ve eaten mostly raw since 2000, I am reading two of your books now. (The Raw Life, and Raw Knowledge II). I love your daylight diet ideas also. Grateful for all that you share… thank you, Aloha!

  2. Do you feel there are differences between turning the fruit into juice as compared to blending the whole thing? I have heard different takes on this, may be a topic for another video.I always start my day with a smoothy, I don’t have a juicer so I just blend everything in the blender, kale, mango, banana, strawberry, blueberries, what ever I have our whatever is in season mixed with some coconut milk. I wish I had your garden Paul, thanks for sharing.

    • I blend my fruit/veggies too. Breakfast is often banana with avocado. I’ve juiced in past but it costs a lot more n lot more food waste. Paul is blessed with where he lives n his garden. I have juiced stuff when in season/cheap n mixed it with blended fruit. Either way, we’re both healthier for our smoothie’s!

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