Kadosh Ata (meaning You Are Holy) is sung by Joshua Aaron and Misha Goetz. Written by Keren Seguin Silver (lyrics and info below). Available at: or on iTunes at .

Lefaneicha ani mishtachave al birkai
Noten lecha samchut al kol yamai

Ahalel Otcha lanetsach ki Ata Adonai
Ata levadcha Yeshua simchat chayai

Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh Ata
Kadosh, Kadosh Ata

I worship before You, Lord I'm down on my knees
Giving You all my days, my God and my King
I will praise You forever Lord for You are Adonai
You Alone Yeshua are the joy of my life

Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh Ata
Kadosh, Kadosh Ata
(Holy are You)


34 thoughts on “KADOSH ATA (Joshua Aaron & Misha Goetz) Messianic Praise and Worship

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    I share because it means so much. Shalom Chaverim!

    • +Retired AF CE

      Battlefield as in when the two armies are engaging in the actual war.

      That’s where Allaah says where ever you see them then strike the necks.

      May Allaah Exalted and Most High increase us in the correct understanding of his religion.

      Kindest regards from Sageer Alam from heart.

    • +Sageer Alam forgive me for being harsh. But these ISIS pigs are giving Allah a bad image. They are making the battlefield against innocent civilians who are mostly against the Syrian war!
      I too am against the Syrian war or any war.
      When I was in the US military I helped Muslim people and families. I built roads, schools, hospitals. I visited orphans and played games with them.
      I had the time of my life. They knew I was a Christian because of the love I showed them. I never had to tell them, they just knew and asked me questions about my faith in Yehshua.
      They taught me about Islam and the 5 pillars. That’s how I know.

    • +Retired AF CE

      Yeah I sorry for my accusation as well earlier. about

      Yeah, I know what you mean because it’s all confusing to normal 9 to 5 folk.

      Though forgive me for saying & May God forgive me if wrong as I can see some positive’s as well like people inquiring & hearing about Islaam on a huge scale.

      Though are too too many war’s at present & Allaah knows best.

      Too him we belong & to him we return.

      I like your profile name as it gives a hint that I am talking to an elder so I must show respect

      Kindest regards from Sageer Alam.

    • +Retired AF CE

      If I may just refine your knowledge even more from what you learned.

      The 5 pillars of Islaam are:.

      1.) To bear witness to there is no diety worthy of being worshipped except Allaah and that Muhammad is the servent and messenger of Allaah.

      2.) To establish the prayers.

      3.) To give the zakat (Alms) from rich to poor etc.

      4.) To fast in the month of Ramadhan.

      5.) To perform hajj if financially & physically able (get going you…smiles).

      The 6 pillars of Eamaan (Faith) are:

      1.) To believe in Allaah.
      2.) To believe in the Angels.
      3.) To believe in the Book’s.
      4.) To believe in the Messenger’s
      5.) To believe in the Last day.
      6 ) To believe in the Qadar (Pre decree/Pre destination) the good & bad of it.

      Kindest regards from Sageer Alam from heart.

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