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33 thoughts on “Keep the Sabbath Holy (Street Preaching)

    • Chris t If Jesus healed on the Sabbath, that should give you your answer. In hospitals and other healthcare facilities, they either alternate weekends, or they only work one weekend out of the month. Additionally, if someone’s faith says they can’t work on a particular day, employers usually find a way to accommodate them. I used to work in a nursing home, scheduled every other weekend, and I didn’t think I was breaking the Sabbath by doing that, because I was helping people. However, I did do my best to not buy or sell on the Sabbath.

  1. Paul, this is not the way.

    Patronizing people for doing things they have been indoctrinated to do, and are unaware is wrong, is the OPPOSITE of the way Yeshua taught us to spread his message.

    I know you mean well brother, but it should be quite evident, from the lack of engagement, that your approach is not working.

    If you stop people kindly and lovingly and politely inform them of how and why we have been indoctrinated against Yeshua and the error of their ways, they may actually receive your message.

    Though this approach may help some, who are likely already religious, it scares many many more people away and validates certain preconceived dispositions, about Christians being bigoted extremists.

    If you help bring 5 people closer, but in doing so, push 100 people further away, is that a fair trade?

    We are to be his set apart people, living by example, spreading his message, through LOVE and KINDNESS.

    That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t proclaim the gospel in public places.

    Nor does it mean we should change the message we present, just the method of delivery.

    I love you brother, I really do, but your current approach is counterproductive to the cause.

    Please reconsider your approach.

    • You have no idea what you’re talking about. all the prophets including Yeshua hamashiach would preach scripture just like this. Pauls not being impolite he’s preaching the scriptures and if someone wants to listen then they can if they don’t then that’s their problem. people would be more bothered by Paul going up to their faces rather than just standing there. You sound like a miserable person who just wants to argue with somebody even though you’re wrong don’t know why

    • Yochanan Miller
      No sir.

      If I was a miserable person, it would be myself resorting to personal insults….

      Maybe you are confused in what I am trying to say.

      I never suggested that he should not be where he is at, proclaiming the gospel.

      I only suggested that he lighten his approach and spread Yeshua’s message, through love and kindness, not patronization and condemnation.

      Yeshua DID NOT spread his message, through patronization and condemnation.

      His approach was the exact opposite.

      Also, both Yeshua and prior Jewish prophets were preaching to communities of individuals that were all adherents to Judaism.

      This is not the case within most of our communities today.

      I suggest you do some research on basic psychology.

    • Yochanan Miller
      You’re not comprehending the discrepancy that lies in this method of delivery and your seemingly incapable of not resorting to personal insults, so this is the end of the road, for me….

      I pray you actually find shalom and become aware of the love of Yeshua.

      The way you have chosen to navigate this conversation (personal insults) gives strong indications that these things have yet to transpire, in your life.

      Have a great remainder of Shabbat!

      (Even though you deleted your last message, I will leave this up.)

  2. Shabbath Shalom
    People being outside does not mean that they are sinning. The Shabbath is not to be a burden Brother. I agree that buying and selling on Shabath is a sin, however, being outside in the earth on the Sabbath is not a sin.

  3. it all depends. Jesus healed and picked food. We need hospitals to run every day. we need police everyday….we need food every day. to keep it Holy can mean to take time to read the Bible and not do unnecessary work.

    • Lindsey Adams well Jesus picked food on the sabbath, so he had to have that prepared. Jesus said that we have a lot if man made rules. Read what Jesus Himself said. He talked about the mad made rules being taught as gospel. He also said it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles but what comes out of it. That the food goes in and goes right out but what comes out of the mouth shows what is in the heart.

    • Just a slight correction. It was the disciples that picked ears of corn on the Sabbath and the Pharisees criticized the Messiah for what the disciples did.

  4. Except that today isn’t Sabbath this month it’s Wednesday as the first light of the new moon was seen the evening of the 10th that made 11th the first day. But love the street preaching and your excitement very very much brother! Halleluhyah keep it up!!

  5. Why are you calling out the world’s sin? 1 CORINTHIANS 5:12-13
    For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Do you not judge those who are within the church? 13 But those who are outside, God judges. Remove the wicked man from among yourselves.
    Judgement begins in the house of GOD (1 Peter 4:17)
    The judgement to the world has been laid on MESSIAH. NO-WHERE in Brit Chadasha do we find commandment to call out one sin to the world. This isn’t the GOSPEL. YESHUA is the way to the FATHER. Repentance to what??? Repentance from sin to what?? To obedience? We can obey in our own strength and turn from sin and try to be holy, but THAT’S NOT THE ‘GOOD NEWS’ of the Gospel.
    The New Covenant is reconciliation through MESSIAH IN US, living through us, born again, redeemed back to DADDY GOD. WE OBEY TORAH FROM LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP WITH RUACH HA’KODESH, NOT DUTY. Please reread ROMANS 7 (under Law) then ROMANS 8 (Law in us) The world needs YESHUA, not obedience. That’s what discipling is (Acts 15:21). Please stop teaching observance to the WORD before they know “THE” WORD made flesh.

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