The Wife The GREAT Strength Of YHWH For MAN …… The Ishshaw is A BEAUTY from YHWH. Join YisraYah'ale to LEARN MORE Tonight!!!


8 thoughts on “KEETVAY EMET – SCRIPTURE TRUTH “Wife The Great Strength of YHWH’s Beauty”

  1. it is a real shame that you and pastor dowell are somewhat against each other.
    I do believe polygny is the Truth according to scripture. So people disagree on just ONE Issue and then they are cursing each other?

  2. This devil is a woman worshipper! He is teaching Kmet! Goddess worship, he is deceiving you all. He’s not preaching from the Scriptures, he is preaching words and making up his own doctrine. He is a LIAR! and a devil!
    YHWH is our Strength!
    EXODUS 15:2 YHWH [is] my strength and song, and he is become my salvation: he [is] my Yah, and I will prepare him an habitation; my father’s Yah, and I will exalt him.

  3. shameful a man who admits in debate that he can’t handle his wife yet he is blind leading the blind david Roberts found out that he is a judge of the law not a follower of Torah if you can’t point out any sin of polgyny within the bible it shows you believe you are a judge of the law you have a offense against Yah and you need to go to Him alone but Yah don’t hear sinner a sinner is a man who does not rule his house a sinner is one gives in to bitterness and hatred all these years you wouldn’t know that because you don’t do spiritual warfare nor cast out devils why because you don’t know His name and for that you and your whole household will die and your sin simple

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