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WARNING…WARNING…WARNING!!!Do you understand what the Teaching Title in this Newsletter is about? Read it again "Preparation Of Readiness For The Battle Ahead"!! Does that SPEAK to you?? I am here to tell you…..YOU BETTER get your FOOD SUPPLY and stock it in a "PREPARED PLACE" !! You BETTER have A SOURCE OF WATER that NO ONE can ROB you of!!! YOU BETTER STOCK up on The FRUITS, CLEANING SUBSTANCE and make SURE you have The TOOLS of this BATTLE!!! I am SPEAKING in this NEWSLETTER…WARNINGS…WARNINGS…WARNINGS to you'll….PREPARE!!!


9 thoughts on ““Keetvay Emet – Torah Wisdom” 05-03-2017 “Preparation of Readiness For The Battle Ahead “

  1. I Truly Love Elder Raah although I’ve never met him, he uses TORAH in a way that makes you examine your own transgressions, vileness, and wickedness againts “YAH” as well as encouraging words of redemption and salvation through true REPENTANCE.

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