REMIND The Nation of YisraYah'ale?? REMIND me of WHAT??? I DO NOT NEED TO BE REMINDED OF NOTHING!! I KNOW THE TRUTH, and I CAN DO IT ON my OWN!! YOU do not know…. WHAT I NEED TO BE REMINDED OF…..sir?? I DO NOT NEED YOU to REMIND ME!! I KNOW who I am!! I AM A HEBREW!!! PERIOD!! Ra'ah will Teach on This Keetvay Torah of Wisdom on that "ONE WORD" REMIND!!


7 thoughts on “Keetvay Emet Torah Wisdom – “Remind” The Nation of YisraYah – by By Ra’ah Dawid

  1. Raah. im ready to drive to tehuwa and work with the ackhim and you.  in the field and in Torah! im excited to drive from Phoenix to Jefferson and cant wait to leave!!!

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