I just interviewed Robert Wright, Author of Killing Cancer, Not People. Everyone should read this book. Robert's website is If you know anyone with Cancer they must check out his information. It can heal them and save their life.

“The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest”
Learn more and get the series at this link:


7 thoughts on “Killing Cancer, Not People

  1. instead of getting freaked out, get interested, get accountable, get informed, take some action, seek more knowledge, its everywhere, you wake up real quick, make decisions, become more grown up, remove ALL of the destructive products from your world, and experience yourself as you ascend, its a cycle. Anger is done, be full of love and sharing and be passionate, soon you will set yourself free, the world is free to live in beautifully, the rest is an illusion. Thank you.

  2. my father recently passed away after radiation treatment that his doctor recommended. i wish he had seen this video and read Robert Wright’s book. i really don’t trust our medical system anymore.

  3. Hie Paul,
    Thank you posting this video, it is critically helpful! however internet explorer has started blocking this video due to some so called, “security certificates”. I am so disappointed that I can nolonger view videos and many websites that seem to expose error and teach truth.

  4. The internet has started heavy censorship of any material that pose a treat to expose lies told by the powers that be. I don’t know if I am the only one experiencing this? Lets fight this people, our God given right to access and know truth is under siege

  5. Our research was done for 12 years and I started using some of the products for my husband  illness for myself and family. I came across of this book last year and it is amazing God in His plan I believe he came across my FB page //KNK Healthy Choices. Learn more of the products visit my FB page KNK healthy Choices

  6. Ok so I am doing everything right to my knowledge, (no chemo, no radiation, no surgery yet), no pop, no sugar, organic foods, supplements, ph water, essential oils, prayer, CBD oil, turmeric, etc. this tumor is still growing 14 months later? I am at a loss?

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