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14 thoughts on “Knowledge about Cancer Can Save You!

  1. Why didn’t truth about cancer talk about Robert Morse ND using a fruitatian diet and herbal botanicals clearing out cancer and all sort of diseases with good success.

    • +Truss Reviews , That’s what I would like to know. I hope Ty will interview him. I’m born again and studied the Truth about Cancer series last year. In January, I found Dr. Morse. hands down best protocol BUT not everyone is willing to go raw fruit and take herbal formulas to deeply detox. I am. So it’s good to have other options for people not willing. Isn’t that what the Quest for the Cures is suppose to be about? other options?

  2. We need to back up the information before the pipe is closed. We will either have a golden age of health or everyones life span will drastically decrease and the only people that will be healthy and live 90-100+ will be the people that got the correct information before the the truth and information was erased from record.

    • +The Raw Life Health Show pray Yahweh protect you if you find a cure but yes the illuminati has a cure be cause they made it but we should not worry cause we have the cure to and we don’t need the information its called eat what Yahweh tells use to eat and obey His comment He is the one that a lows disease and can take it away crappy satan does not have the power to stop that

  3. Thank you very much for your videos. Also very important to mention is that pesticides are mainly responsible for the drastic cancer increase. There is a correlation of 100% between the increase of pesticide use and the increase of cancer incidents. Since 1950 when pesticides were first used widely in agriculture the rate of testicular cancer has risen by 400%! This is shocking and should wake the whole word up. But the information is suppressed due to Monsanto and other mega factories of pesticides and other toxins making trillions on cost of animals’ and humans’ health.

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