Kombucha and other fermented drinks are not healthy

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32 thoughts on “Kombucha Warning

    • This guy is full of crap. I know how it’s impacted my own health. The owner of High County stated it’s how he got his legs working after being paralyzed. GT’s started because he felt it helped his mother kill her cancer. Go find someone who know’s what they’re talking about. And LOOK at them. If they look old and grizzled, do you really think they reflect what health should look like?

  1. I make it myself… there’s no alcohol in it. Plus it solves constipation… its full of healthy probiotics… I disagree with you. If there is alcohol it’s extremely low – maybe like 0.5%. With all do respect… your wrong.

  2. LOL You are so funny! LOL

    (It’s okay some people have to learn) LOL

    I knew something wasn’t right with that drink the first and last time I tried it….Smh

    • spiro smith
      I enjoy the drink and have been drinking it 7 to 8 years and love it!! It makes me feel great!! In the video I didn’t hear why it is bad.

  3. Are you a muslim for whom alcohol is forbidden ? Fermented drinks like kombucha contain only 2 or 3 degrees of alcohol : you need 4 or 6 pints to get drunk just a bit …. So stop pretending they are not healthy : they are if you drink them with moderation !

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