4 thoughts on “Late-Night Eating

  1. Two meals a day with 5-6 hours between them just pure water nothing else. Going to bed with no food at all in the stomach. Last meal by 3PM. I have followed this in the last 37 years. Gob bless me with a good health.

    • hey, i often ask myself, why do people eat three meals a day. and i think it is the monkey see monkey do thing that is going on.
      i now do the old plan where it has been said, eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a pauper and dinner like a beggar, but i eat such a tiny dinner and after hearing paul talk about late night eating, i thought, hmmm, i should skip dinner and just drink my farm well water which i do all day, and i am in tip top shape for 63 with no gray hair so i wonder, do you even eat dinner? thanks!

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