Former Orthodox Jew (now Karaite) and former Baptist Jew Michael Rood provide some intriguing answers. Their Hebraic way of thinking about the Almighty in this "Jewish Debate" series on Shabbat Night Live.
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3 thoughts on “Law-Abiding Believers: Are there really 10 commandments? – Q&A with Michael Rood & Nehemia Gordon

  1. Such a great teaching! I’ve heard that Christians can be accepted by the Jews if they follow the Noahides Laws and I was trying to see how that relates to Acts 15. Thanks for clarifying the source of the Noahide laws!

  2. I as well am a Christian that follows torah. Sabath keeper, tzit tzit wearing no pork eating or shrimp including other crustaceans. I use a prayer shawl and we do Hanukkah and passover but not Christmas and Easter or Halloween. We also circumcise on the 8th day and keep the feast days.

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